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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 15 - Amount available; use of funds; notice; budget, inclusion in; standards

27:15-1: Amount available; use of funds; notice; budget, inclusion in; standards

27:15-1.1: Schedule; official map; filing

27:15-1.2: Extension of date for filing schedule

27:15-1.3: Standards of work

27:15-1.4: Schedule; engineering and planning work by municipality

27:15-1.5: Width of road, state aid regardless of

27:15-1.6: Work and costs to be included

27:15-1.7: Plans and specifications

27:15-1.8: Time of disbursement to municipality; report; deduction of amount unexpended; reserve

27:15-1.9: Approval of disbursements; application; disbursement during work

27:15-1.10: Maximum percentage of State's share

27:15-1.12: Reserve to credit of municipality of state aid available

27:15-1.13: Undistributed amount to lapse unless reserved

27:15-1.14: Additional amount annually from motor vehicle revenues for construction and reconstruction of municipal roads

27:15-1.15: Repeal; existing agreements

27:15-1.16: Repeal

27:15-1.17: Effective date

27:15-7: Method of raising money; taxation and bond issue

27:15-8: Acquisition of lands; width of right of way

27:15-16: Use of moneys for road lighting, traffic lights, underpasses and overpasses

27:15-17: "Unimproved road" defined

27:15-19: Unused moneys appropriated for road and street maintenance; use for improvements

27:15-20: Repeal