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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 13A -

27:13A-1: Short title

27:13A-2: Availability of moneys to counties and municipalities

27:13A-3: Establishment of system; roads included

27:13A-4: Application for designation

27:13A-5: Approval of applications

27:13A-6: Notification of designation; agreement with county or municipality

27:13A-7: Share of cost

27:13A-8: Disbursement of moneys; voucher

27:13A-9: Control and supervision by commissioner

27:13A-10: Surveillance of projects; records

27:13A-11: Additional aid

27:13A-12: Rules and regulations

27:13A-13: Bridges and viaducts; improvement and reconstruction; inspection program; allocation of funds