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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 1C -

27:1C-1: Short title

27:1C-2: Findings, declarations

27:1C-3: Definitions

27:1C-4: Designation, delineation of transportation development district

27:1C-5: Joint planning process

27:1C-6: District transportation improvement plan; approval by commissioner

27:1C-7: Assessment, collection of development fees

27:1C-8: Formula for assessment

27:1C-9: Project agreement

27:1C-10: Appropriation of funds

27:1C-11: Loans

27:1C-12: Adjoining transportation development districts

27:1C-13: Request by commissioner for transportation development district

27:1C-14: Application for dissolution

27:1C-15: Petition by municipal governing body; response by county governing body

27:1C-16: Limitations

27:1C-17: Pre-existing districts

27:1C-18: Rules, regulations