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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 16 - County powers

27:16-1: County powers

27:16-2: Acquisition of roads and real estate; procedure

27:16-3: Acquisition of roads; hearing and notice

27:16-4: Maps revised; originals voided

27:16-5: Municipal roads taken over by county; consent; resolutions

27:16-6: Maintenance of roads; easements and rights of way

27:16-7: Width of roads fixed

27:16-8: County to maintain road to full width

27:16-9: Survey of road prior to improvement or repair

27:16-10: Improvements; plans and specifications; bids and contracts

27:16-11: Matters affecting several parts of road included as single proceeding

27:16-12: Extraordinary repairs; state aid; procedure where state refuses aid; bonds

27:16-13: Protection of roads near tidewater; acquisition of lands

27:16-14: Agreement with land owners to maintain banks

27:16-15: Widening certain roads; contracts with railway companies; grade crossing elimination

27:16-16: Bidding required

27:16-17: Contract; parties; contribution by railway company

27:16-18: Rights of company unaffected

27:16-19: Bond issue

27:16-20: Certain roads located in adjoining county; construction; consent required

27:16-21: Bond issue

27:16-23: Water pipes, sewers, and house connections in roads; pavement restored

27:16-25: Lighting roads in vicinity of county institutions

27:16-26: Lighting highways from main shore to seaside resorts; contracts

27:16-27: Engineers and assistants; entry on lands

27:16-28: Vacation or discontinuance of county road

27:16-29: Certain resolutions and proceedings filed and recorded

27:16-30: Location and boundaries of roads; removal of obstructions

27:16-31: Regulations to protect roads and road surfaces

27:16-31.1: First class counties over 800,000; restriction of roads to passenger vehicles

27:16-32: Public utility companies to share expense; agreement

27:16-33: Snow removal

27:16-34: Warning and protection of dangerous places

27:16-35: Signposts; erection by county; removal of others

27:16-36: Traffic posts and lights; approval

27:16-37: Removal of posts, lights, etc.

27:16-38: Change of grade; damage suit by property owners

27:16-39: Sale of surplus road materials; certificate posted

27:16-41: Other state aid laws unaffected; contracts; law applicable

27:16-42: Acquisition of real estate; condemnation

27:16-48: Entry upon property before making compensation; action to fix compensation

27:16-54: Additional method of acquiring real estate

27:16-55: Right of way commission; appointment; term; compensation; removal; oath; assistance

27:16-56: Condemnation; resolution and map; removal of buildings

27:16-57: Map and resolution filed and recorded

27:16-58: Hearing and notice; view of premises

27:16-59: Hearing; adjournment; examination of witnesses

27:16-60: Award; award for removal or restoration of buildings

27:16-61: Payment of award; removal of buildings

27:16-62: Report of commission; copies filed

27:16-63: New frontage; consideration as increase in value

27:16-64: Acquisition of title to buildings; removal

27:16-65: Award; payment into court; appeal

27:16-66: Title vests upon payment of award; right of entry

27:16-67: Report as evidence of county's right to possession

27:16-68: Powers deemed additional; certain bodies unaffected

27:16-71: Municipal control over county roads; consent required