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Title: 27 - HIGHWAYS

Chapter: 7 -

27:7-1: Subtitle definitions

27:7-2: Additional routes

27:7-3: Routes to be direct; use of existing highways; new right of ways

27:7-4: Routes taken over as state highways; hearing and notice

27:7-5: Determination by commissioner; notice to governing body

27:7-6: Route becomes state highway; exception

27:7-7: Contracts affecting route taken over; fulfillment

27:7-8: Existing contracts unaffected

27:7-9: Reimbursement of counties for work done on roads taken over

27:7-10: Use of moneys repaid

27:7-11: State highways maintained and repaired by commissioner

27:7-11.1: Reflectors as lane markers

27:7-12: Use of roads by public utilities; consent required

27:7-13: Use of bridges and viaducts by public utilities; agreement

27:7-14: Paving materials; width of roads; curves and crossings eliminated

27:7-15: Municipal streets as part of highway system; improvement by municipality

27:7-16: Contracts to have work done by state or county

27:7-17: Certain drawbridges along routes maintained by state

27:7-18: Powers of commissioner over state highways; exceptions in certain cities

27:7-19: Co-operation by other bodies in highway work; agreements; cost apportioned

27:7-19.1: Claims against county, municipality or corporation; compromise and settlement

27:7-19.2: Execution of agreement for settlement and compromise; compliance within eighteen months

27:7-19.3: Municipal indebtedness to State for highway or road work or improvement as temporary offset against claim for emergency relief expenditures

27:7-20: Work may be done by contract; approval required; exception

27:7-21: Additional powers of commissioner

27:7-21.1: Construction or maintenance of state highway; destruction or contamination of collection, body, store or supply of water

27:7-21.3: Vacation of unmapped parts of highway

27:7-21.4: Leasing property acquired for transportation purposes; provision for termination of lease

27:7-21.5: Management, maintenance, repair and operation of leased property

27:7-21.6: Option to prior owner or person in possession; lease to public body or agency; competitive public bidding; publication of notice

27:7-21.7: Monthly service charge payable by lessee; in lieu of local property or leasehold estate taxes

27:7-21.8: Rats and other harmful rodents on public highways; eradication

27:7-21.9: Snow removal or other maintenance operations upon highway; removal of motor vehicle or other object

27:7-21.10: Liability for costs of removal by owner

27:7-21.11: Liability of department employees or private persons for removal

27:7-21.12: Motor service signs, tourist-oriented directional sign; lease, rental of right-of-way

27:7-21.13: DOT, agreements with certain local governments, authority clarified, rates established.

27:7-22: Acquisition of land; condemnation; procedure for immediate possession

27:7-22.1: Land acquired subject to restrictions; release of restrictions by commissioner

27:7-22.2: Fee simple, acquisition of

27:7-22.3: Acquisition of right of access to traffic circles, grade separations and channelized intersections, and ramp devices

27:7-22.4: Acquisition of property for landscape and roadside development adjacent to federal-aid highways

27:7-22.5: Availability of funds to carry out purposes of act

27:7-22.6: Acquisition of uneconomic remnants of lands along right-of-way

27:7-23: Acquisition of municipally owned property; procedure

27:7-24: Settlement of controversies involving land used as highway; award

27:7-25: Work on state highways; contracts; institutional labor

27:7-26: Notice of restriction on disturbing completed pavement

27:7-27: Service of notice; posting

27:7-28: Openings in highway within restricted period

27:7-29: Advertisement for bids; contents; publication

27:7-30: Award of contract; rejection of bids

27:7-31: Proposal bond to accompany bid; amount; contractor's bond

27:7-32: Failure to provide bond; rejection of bid

27:7-33: Time for awarding of contract; extension; return of proposal bonds

27:7-34: Partial and deferred payments for highway work; amount; deposit.

27:7-35.1: Definitions

27:7-35.2: Highway projects; classification of prospective bidders

27:7-35.3: Statement under oath; filing; contents; fee.

27:7-35.4: Classification; notice

27:7-35.5: Effective date of classification; expiration

27:7-35.6: Request for hearing after classification

27:7-35.7: Prequalification committee; members

27:7-35.8: Developments subsequent to classification; right to reject bidder

27:7-35.9: False, deceptive or fraudulent statement; misdemeanor

27:7-35.10: Liquidated damages

27:7-35.11: Regulations for controlling qualifications of prospective bidders; adoption; publication

27:7-35.12: Liability of commissioner and state officials

27:7-36: Location of state highways in county parks; agreement as to

27:7-37: Highways affecting comprehensive plan for municipal improvements; conformity to plan

27:7-38: Return of roads formerly maintained by state; resurfacing

27:7-39: Sidewalks and curbs along highways; contracts with counties and municipalities

27:7-40: Commissioner may contract for work upon issuance of certificate

27:7-41: Entry upon land to protect highway from damage by water

27:7-42: Highway beautification; fund for

27:7-42.1: Use of native vegetation by Department of Transportation.

27:7-42.2: Findings, declarations relative to an "Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program."

27:7-42.3: Definitions relative to an "Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program."

27:7-42.4: "Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Program."

27:7-42.5: Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Technical Advisory Committee.

27:7-42.6: Program established by county, municipality.

27:7-43: Contracts for deposits of road materials

27:7-44: Injurious substances on highway forbidden; protection of property; penalties

27:7-44.1: Consents, grants and franchises affecting highways; approval of commissioner; lease of land under viaduct or bridge; removal of encroachments; penalty

27:7-44.2: Relief of contractor from maintenance of completed section

27:7-44.3: Relocation of structures impeding construction, acquisition of lands for

27:7-44.4: Size of tracts to be acquired; plans

27:7-44.5: Power to relocate structures; what included; contracts

27:7-44.6: Condemnation; procedure

27:7-44.7: Funds which may be expended to relocate structures

27:7-44.8: Power to sell land

27:7-44.9: Relocation of facilities

27:7-44.10: Findings, declarations relative to certain highway entry or exit ramps.

27:7-44.11: Definitions relative to certain highway entry or exit ramps.

27:7-44.12: New entry or exit ramp, construction within 1,000 feet of school; prohibited; exceptions.

27:7-44.13: Determination of distance between a highway ramp and school.

27:7-44.14: Statewide study.

27:7-44.15: Inapplicability of act.

27:7-44.16: Findings, declarations relative to road markings containing inorganic arsenic.

27:7-44.17: Manufacture, sale of certain reflective glass beads prohibited; violations, penalties.

27:7-44.18: Definitions.

27:7-44.19: Establishment of sponsorship program.

27:7-44.20: Rules or regulations.

27:7-44.21: Signs prohibiting motorists from texting while driving.

27:7-44.22: Public awareness program relative to lane change when approaching certain vehicles.

27:7-45: Designation of bridges as state highway bridges

27:7-46: Petition for designation; cost of maintenance apportioned

27:7-47: Repairs; annual estimate; approval by commissioner

27:7-48: Bills certified to commissioner; payment; limitation

27:7-49: Acquisition of property and rights

27:7-50: Property to be part of highway system

27:7-51: Construction; law applicable

27:7-52: Wharfage charges; regulations; lease with option to buy

27:7-53: Roads and parking areas; supervision by commissioner

27:7-54: Cost of work; payment

27:7-55: Improved roads for state institutions

27:7-56: Jurisdiction of commissioner

27:7-57: Use of highway funds for roads on state property

27:7-66: Certified copy of map, plan or report indicating proposed highway; filing; contents; amendments

27:7-67: Effect of filing upon municipal approving authority; recommendation of commissioner

27:7-68: Agreements between commissioner and county or municipality; costs

27:7-72: Short title

27:7-73: Relocation assistance program

27:7-74: Definitions

27:7-75: Payments to displaced persons

27:7-76: Additional payments to homeowners

27:7-77: Other displaced occupants

27:7-78: Relocation assistance advisory program

27:7-79: Comparable replacement dwelling assurance

27:7-80: Funding for replacement dwellings

27:7-81: Payment deemed not income, resources

27:7-82: Coordination with other programs

27:7-83: Appeal procedure

27:7-84: Rules, regulations

27:7-85: Federal aid assistance, additional action to qualify department

27:7-86: Appropriations

27:7-87: Severability

27:7-88: Repeals

27:7-89: Short title

27:7-90: Findings, declarations

27:7-91: Access code

27:7-92: Access permit

27:7-93: Nonconforming lot access permit

27:7-94: Revocation of permit; alternative access

27:7-95: Expansion, change in use

27:7-96: New subdivisions

27:7-97: Provision of alternative access

27:7-98: Acquisition of right of access