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Chapter: 1 -

30:1-1: Definitions

30:1-1.1: Comprehensive social services information toll-free hotline service established.

30:1-1.2: Establishment of contracts, licensing for social services providers.

30:1-1.3: DHS to receive death record notification, incarceration information electronically.

30:1-1.4: Individuals with developmental disabilities, provision of timeline listing activities appropriate for receipt of benefits.

30:1-2: Department of human services created as department of institutions and agencies continued and made principal department in executive branch; compositi

30:1-2.1: Reference to state board of control as reference to commissioner of institutions and agencies

30:1-2.2: Continuance of state board of control of institutions and agencies as state board of human services; members; appointment; removal; vacancies; terms;

30:1-2.3: Duties and powers

30:1-2.3a: State Board of Human Services; abolished, functions, powers, duties; transferred.

30:1-2.4: Designation of hospital to admit persons involuntarily committed.

30:1-2.5: Notification of availability of earned income tax credit, recipients of certain public assistance.

30:1-7: Institutions, facilities covered by Title 30.

30:1-7.1: References to neuropsychiatric institute, training school and certain state schools to mean and refer to certain developmental centers

30:1-7.2: References to Senator Garrett W. Hagedorn Gero-Psychiatric Hospital

30:1-7.3: Definitions

30:1-7.4: Conditions of closing facilities, privatizing services

30:1-7.5: Ann Klein Forensic Center designated.

30:1-8: Commissioner; appointment; salary, tenure

30:1-8.1: Deputy commissioners; appointment, powers and duties; compensation, acting commissioner.

30:1-9: Divisions; directors, assistant commissioners, powers and duties.

30:1-10: Secretary and assistants

30:1-10.1: Schools under control of department; teacher's certificate

30:1-10.2: Teacher's certificate; issuance by State Board of Examiners

30:1-11: Powers of commissioner; "appointing authority"

30:1-12: Findings; general policy; commissioner's power.

30:1-12a: Definitions relative to psychiatric facilities

30:1-12b: Unannounced site visits to State psychiatric facilities

30:1-12.1: Investigations by commissioner; witnesses; subpena

30:1-12.2: Commissioner's authority to assure compliance

30:1-12.3: Report of violation; license suspension.

30:1-12.4: No placement of individuals in facilities which were suspended or in violation of license.

30:1-13: Personal attention by board and commissioner; inspections

30:1-14: Local and private institutions and organizations; supervision; inspections; reports

30:1-15: Inspection of local and private institutions; reports.

30:1-15.1: Residential facilities for persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities; duty to inspect; report.

30:1-15.2: Inspection of premises, books, records, accounts.

30:1-15.3: Rules, regulations prescribed by the Commissioner of Human Services concerning out-of-State placements for children.

30:1-16: Order of court to remedy improper conditions

30:1-17: Action against officials in charge of institutions; notice; county prosecutor's duties

30:1-18: Jurisdiction of Superior Court over incompetent or mentally ill not affected

30:1-19: Federal aid for hospitals; State agency designated to receive moneys

30:1-20: Governor to designate State administrative agency

30:1-21: Applications for Federal funds authorized

30:1-22: Deposit and disposition of Federal moneys received

30:1-23: Surplus or unsuitable lands; sale to municipality; conveyance of title by department

30:1-24: Deposit of proceeds of sale

30:1-25: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of department of education and state board of education pursuant to child care centers and child development

30:1-26: Method of transfer