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Chapter: 1
Chapter: 1A Change of name of department of institutions and agencies; reference to department or commissioner of institutions and agencies to mean department or
Chapter: 1AA State Council on Developmental Disabilities, additional powers, duties.
Chapter: 1B
Chapter: 2 Appropriations
Chapter: 3 State institutional construction fund; bond issue
Chapter: 4 Boards of trustees; appointment; terms; vacancies; removal; compensation; organization
Chapter: 4A Establishment of diagnostic center
Chapter: 4B Division of Economic Assistance
Chapter: 4C Administration of act in accordance with public policy.
Chapter: 4D
Chapter: 4E Legislative findings and declaration
Chapter: 4F Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 4G
Chapter: 4J Non-participating hospital, payment for emergency treatment for NJ FamilyCare enrollee.
Chapter: 5B
Chapter: 6 Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Chapter: 6B Commitment by court or judicial officer to Veterans Administration or other agency of United States
Chapter: 6C Declaration of policy
Chapter: 6D
Chapter: 6E Findings, declarations relative to establishment of Office of Disability Services.
Chapter: 6F Findings, declarations relative to traumatic brain injury
Chapter: 7 Board of Managers of New Jersey Firemen's Home
Chapter: 7B Interstate compact on mental health; findings and purposes
Chapter: 7C Title; interstate corrections compact
Chapter: 7D Transfer of foreign prisoners
Chapter: 7E
Chapter: 8 Sheriffs and jailers to receive prisoners; penalty
Chapter: 9 Superintendents and physicians of county hospitals in counties of first class; appointment; terms of office
Chapter: 9A Declaration of policy
Chapter: 9B Findings, declarations
Chapter: 11 Provisions applicable to private mental hospitals.
Chapter: 11A
Chapter: 11B Findings.
Chapter: 12 Consent of municipality to establishment or maintenance by persons or corporations
Chapter: 13 Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 14 Purpose