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Chapter: 13 - Legislative findings and declarations

30:13-1: Legislative findings and declarations

30:13-2: Definitions.

30:13-3: Responsibilities of nursing homes.

30:13-3.1: Provisions relative to Medicare, Medicaid.

30:13-3.2: Applicability of act.

30:13-4: Responsibilities as inclusive but not limitation

30:13-4.1: Nursing home security deposits; disposition

30:13-4.2: Violations; enforcement

30:13-5: Rights of nursing home residents.

30:13-6: Discharge or transfer of resident

30:13-7: Written notice of rights, obligations and prohibitions; copy to residents; posting

30:13-8: Violations; causes of action; damages.

30:13-8.1: Clauses waiving right to sue in nursing home admission agreements void, unenforceable.

30:13-9: Inapplicability of provisions on medical care or treatment contrary to tenets of nursing home operated by certain religious denominations

30:13-10: Rules and regulations

30:13-10.1: Written explanation of Medicare, Medicaid provisions required.

30:13-11: Severability

30:13-12: Definition

30:13-13: Nursing home employees required to be given Mantoux tuberculin skin test

30:13-14: Requirements of testing program

30:13-15: Rules, regulations

30:13-16: Review of Medicaid recipient in free-standing special care nursing facility.

30:13-17: Rules, regulations.