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Chapter: 11A -

30:11A-1: Definitions

30:11A-2: Certificate of approval

30:11A-3: Rules, regulations and standards

30:11A-4: Application for certificate of approval

30:11A-5: Investigation of applicant; certificate not transferable; display

30:11A-6: Existing facility; reasonable time to comply with rules, regulations or standards

30:11A-7: Duration of certificate of approval

30:11A-8: Denial, revocation or suspension of certificates of approval

30:11A-9: Inspection of premises; alterations, additions or improvements

30:11A-10: Penalties for operating uncertified residential health care facility.

30:11A-11: Effect of issuance of certificate of approval

30:11A-12: Denial of application on ground of existence of adequate facilities; prohibition; treatment of individuals opposed to medical treatment

30:11A-13: Additional officers and employees; costs of administration

30:11A-14: Effective date