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Chapter: 11 - Provisions applicable to private mental hospitals.

30:11-10: Provisions applicable to private mental hospitals.

30:11-11: Public policy; license required; application

30:11-12: Applications for license; evidence of ability to comply with minimum standards

30:11-13: Licensing of nursing home administrators; regulations

30:11-14: $100 fee for 2-year license

30:11-15: Conditional license; duration

30:11-16: Denial, suspension or revocation of license

30:11-17: Hearing; procedure

30:11-18: Notice; specification of charges; hearing; appeal

30:11-19: Arrangement of hearings; decisions

30:11-20: Nursing home administrator's licensing board; appointment; membership; qualifications; terms; compensation; reimbusement for expenses

30:11-21: Responsibilities and duties of board

30:11-22: Nursing home administrator defined

30:11-23: Qualification of applicants, criminal history record background check.

30:11-24: Notice of change in facts in application

30:11-25: Questions to applicants; declarations; effect of fraud and misrepresentation

30:11-26: Violation; penalty

30:11-27: Injunctions

30:11-28: Services of state employees to carry out duties