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Chapter: 6 - Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

30:6-1: Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

30:6-1.1: Definitions

30:6-1.2: Confidential report

30:6-1.3: Use of report

30:6-1.4: No liability

30:6-1.5: Voluntary use of services

30:6-1.6: Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired administrators, duties

30:6-2: Aiding the blind; loans, stock, tools furnished; repayment

30:6-11: Funds for training of blind; contributions from federal government

30:6-13: Surgical or medical treatment

30:6-15: Inquiries; annual report

30:6-15.1: Permit for operation of stand in public building, grounds and premises by blind person

30:6-15.2: Exemption from license fee, rental or other charge

30:6-15.3: Administration of State's vending machine program; use of revenues

30:6-15.4: Appropriation of excess revenues

30:6-15.5: Appropriation of unexpended balance

30:6-16: Instruction of certain persons; children; rates.

30:6-17: Policy of state

30:6-18: Definitions

30:6-19: Identification of goods; registration; fees

30:6-20: Necessity for identification; prerequisites

30:6-21: Labeling

30:6-22: Violations; penalties

30:6-23: Purpose

30:6-24: Definitions

30:6-25: Commodities and Services Council established

30:6-26: Annual organization; chairman; expenses

30:6-27: Duties of the council

30:6-28: Designation of central nonprofit agency

30:6-29: Functions, operations of central nonprofit agency

30:6-30: Procurement of commodities, services through central nonprofit agency

30:6-31: Inapplicability of act if commodities manufactured by institutional labor available

30:6-32: Rules and regulations

30:6-33: Short title