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Chapter: 5B -

30:5B-1: Short title

30:5B-2: Findings

30:5B-3: Definitions.

30:5B-4: Licensing of child care centers.

30:5B-5: Rules, regulations

30:5B-5.1: Issuance of certificate of approval

30:5B-5.2: Radon testing in child care centers, requirements, exceptions

30:5B-5.4: Regulations adopted by Commissioner of Children and Families relative to children's health care coverage.

30:5B-5.5: Posting of drinking water test reports by child care centers.

30:5B-6: License application; contents; issuance; expiration; renewal

30:5B-6.1: Definitions relative to child abuse record information checks.

30:5B-6.2: License conditional upon check of child abuse records.

30:5B-6.3: Written consent for check of records.

30:5B-6.4: Notification to division to conduct check of records; results

30:5B-6.5: Completion of check

30:5B-6.6: Incidents considered.

30:5B-6.7: Rules, regulations pertaining to child abuse record information checks

30:5B-6.8: Report to Governor, Legislature

30:5B-6.9: Fee charged to staff member; disposition

30:5B-6.10: Definitions relative to criminal history record background checks for child care center staff.

30:5B-6.11: Criminal history record background check required for licensure.

30:5B-6.12: Noncompliance; penalties.

30:5B-6.13: Request for criminal history record background check, time limits, restrictions upon employees.

30:5B-6.14: Record of conviction for certain offenses, disqualification from employment; challenge.

30:5B-6.15: Termination of current staff member; exceptions.

30:5B-6.16: Pending criminal charges notification.

30:5B-6.17: Immunity from liability for child care center.

30:5B-6.18: Inapplicability of C.18A:6-7.1 et seq.

30:5B-6.19: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:5B-6.20: Responsibilities of department.

30:5B-6.21: Rules, regulations.

30:5B-7: Temporary license; renewal; expiration

30:5B-8: Fees

30:5B-9: Denial, suspension, revocation or refusal to renew licenses

30:5B-10: Notice; hearing

30:5B-11: Injunctions

30:5B-12: Review

30:5B-13: Violations; crimes of fourth degree

30:5B-14: Child Care Advisory Council.

30:5B-15: Annual report

30:5B-15.1: Children's products deemed unsafe prohibited in certain child care centers; duties of Department of Children and Families.

30:5B-16: Short title

30:5B-17: Findings

30:5B-18: Definitions.

30:5B-19: Responsibility; authority; contractual terms.

30:5B-20: Contracting organizations; responsibilities, duties.

30:5B-21: Evaluation; registration; monitoring

30:5B-22: Providers; standards

30:5B-22.1: Findings, declarations relative to family child care providers.

30:5B-22.2: Meeting of departments, representative; agreement.

30:5B-22.3: Construction of act.

30:5B-22.4: Limitations of act.

30:5B-23: Certificate of registration, standards, violations.

30:5B-24: Report

30:5B-25: Regulations.

30:5B-25.1: Findings, declarations

30:5B-25.2: Definitions.

30:5B-25.3: Child abuse registry search.

30:5B-25.4: Rules, regulations.

30:5B-25.5: Definitions relative to family day care homes.

30:5B-25.6: Criminal history background checks for certain family day care providers.

30:5B-25.7: Denial, revocation of registration.

30:5B-25.8: Payment.

30:5B-25.9: Exchange of fingerprint data; notification.

30:5B-25.10: Rules, regulations.

30:5B-26: Findings, declarations

30:5B-27: Child care grant program

30:5B-28: Applicant requirements.

30:5B-29: Rules, regulations

30:5B-30: Findings, declarations on child care services

30:5B-31: Authority of commissioner; rules, regulations

30:5B-32: Child abuse record information check for prospective approved home providers.

30:5B-33: Rules, regulations; procedures.