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Chapter: 7B - Interstate compact on mental health; findings and purposes

30:7B-1: Interstate compact on mental health; findings and purposes

30:7B-2: Definitions

30:7B-3: Eligibility for care and treatment; place of institutionalization; transfer

30:7B-4: After-care or supervision; investigation; standards of care and treatment

30:7B-5: Notice of escapes; detention upon apprehension

30:7B-6: Transportation of patients

30:7B-7: Transfer of patients; effect; payment of costs; agreements with non-party States

30:7B-8: Rights and duties of guardians; appointment of supplemental or substitute guardians

30:7B-9: Applicability to persons institutionalized while under sentence or subject to trial; detention of patients in prisons or jails

30:7B-10: Compact administrator; powers and duties

30:7B-11: Supplementary agreements for provision of services or facilities

30:7B-12: Effective date of compact

30:7B-13: Withdrawal from compact; status of patients

30:7B-14: Liberal construction; severability

30:7B-15: Authority to designate compact administrator; powers and duties

30:7B-16: Supplementary agreements with other states

30:7B-17: Payment of financial obligations

30:7B-18: Transmittal of copies of act