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Chapter: 4A - Establishment of diagnostic center

30:4A-1: Establishment of diagnostic center

30:4A-2: Equipment, staff and administration

30:4A-3: Superintendent; specialists

30:4A-4: Use of center by other agencies, persons admitted

30:4A-5: Commitment of defendant for examination

30:4A-6: Admission of confined person; period of stay; retransfer

30:4A-7: Admission of unconfined persons, procedure

30:4A-8: Minors

30:4A-9: Voluntary admissions

30:4A-10: Diagnosis and recommendation in writing

30:4A-11: Determination of rate per day to be paid for maintenance, treatment and diagnosis; payment; financial statements

30:4A-12: Prayer-healing believers not required to submit to medical treatment; but only to quarantine and other regulations

30:4A-13: Active treatments within discretion of superintendent

30:4A-14: Segregation of minors and adults, criminals and non-criminals

30:4A-15: Management

30:4A-16: Commitments

30:4A-17: Effective date