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Chapter: 4C - Administration of act in accordance with public policy.

30:4C-1: Administration of act in accordance with public policy.

30:4C-1.1: Findings, declarations relative to child protective services.

30:4C-2: Definitions.

30:4C-2.1: Division of Child Protection and Permanency as continuation of former agencies.

30:4C-2.3: Provision of services to certain individuals aged 18 to 21.

30:4C-2.4: New Jersey Child Welfare Training Academy.

30:4C-2.5: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-3: Duties of Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

30:4C-3.7: Photographing, fingerprinting of child under custody of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

30:4C-3.8: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-4: Powers of Department of Children and Families, other designated entity.

30:4C-4.1: Consent and approval of actions or proceedings.

30:4C-4.2: Consent, approval of commissioner.

30:4C-4.3: Copies of rules and regulations; certification of consent and approval

30:4C-4.4: Services provided to certain persons with developmental disabilities; rules, procedures; interagency agreement.

30:4C-4.5: Provision of services for alcoholism, substance abuse for certain persons; interagency agreement; rules, regulations.

30:4C-6: Recipients of payments not deemed paupers; certain treatments permitted.

30:4C-7: Issuance of certain certificates free of charge.

30:4C-8: Payments for maintenance exempt from tax

30:4C-9: Orders of commitment or grants of assistance previously made and other previous actions not affected

30:4C-10: Liberal construction; consistent laws not repealed

30:4C-11: Application for care and custody; verification, investigation.

30:4C-11.1: Health, safety of paramount concern in placement of child.

30:4C-11.2: Exceptions to requirement to make reasonable efforts to prevent placement of child.

30:4C-11.3: Exceptions to requirement to provide reasonable efforts to reunify child with parent.

30:4C-11.4: Permanency hearing.

30:4C-11.5: Commissioner's report to Legislature, Governor.

30:4C-11.6: Rules, regulations

30:4C-12: Filing complaint; investigation; application for court order; hearing.

30:4C-12.1: Search for relatives; assessment of abilities.

30:4C-12.2: Resource family parent, relative, notice; right to be heard.

30:4C-13: Referral to legally responsible person or agency.

30:4C-14: Notice of action taken on application.

30:4C-15: Petition to terminate parental rights, conditions.

30:4C-15.1: Termination of parental rights, standards.

30:4C-15.2: Final guardianship hearing

30:4C-15.3: Exceptions from requirement to file petition seeking termination of parental rights.

30:4C-15.4: Notice to parent of right to counsel; public defender appointments; law guardian, selection

30:4C-15.5: Short title

30:4C-15.6: Findings, declarations relative to abandoned children

30:4C-15.7: Designated sites for voluntary relinquishment of child; assumption of care, custody, control by Division of Child Protection and Permanency.

30:4C-15.8: Responsibilities of division, placement of child

30:4C-15.9: Educational public information program, toll free hotline.

30:4C-15.10: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-15.11: Distribution of information about "New Jersey Safe Haven Infant Protection Act" to certain public school students.

30:4C-16: Association or agency to file summary of records with petition

30:4C-17: Petition, notice of hearing; interlocutory, order.

30:4C-18: Verification of petition; investigation; report of findings.

30:4C-19: Adjournments

30:4C-20: Order terminating parental rights; committing child to guardianship.

30:4C-21: Guardianship order not to be restrictive.

30:4C-22: Full guardianship.

30:4C-23: Voluntary surrenders, releases of custody, consents to adoption.

30:4C-24: Application for care or custody; complaint; petition.

30:4C-25: Agents of Division of Child Protection and Permanency to visit children.

30:4C-26: Placing child in resource family home or institution.

30:4C-26a: Rules and regulations

30:4C-26b: Child in resource family home, determination of school placement.

30:4C-26c: Caregiver liability relative to certain activities; terms defined.

30:4C-26.1: "Resource family home" defined.

30:4C-26.2: Child care shelters; establishment, maintenance.

30:4C-26.3: Shelters for care, supervision of children.

30:4C-26.4: "Resource family parent" defined.

30:4C-26.5: Adoption of child by resource family parent.

30:4C-26.6: "Resource family parent" defined.

30:4C-26.7: Application for adoption of child by resource family parent.

30:4C-26.8: Adoptive, resource family parent, investigation.

30:4C-26.9: Provisional approval for resource family parent; definition.

30:4C-26.20: Minor and child to remain together as family unit.

30:4C-26.21: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-27: Expenses of maintenance chargeable against State funds.

30:4C-27.1: "Resource family parent" defined.

30:4C-27.2: Discontinuance of clothing distribution centers; clothing allowance.

30:4C-27.3: Short title.

30:4C-27.4: Findings, declarations relative to resource family care.

30:4C-27.5: Definitions relative to resource family care.

30:4C-27.6: Licensure required for resource family parents.

30:4C-27.7: Child abuse record information check.

30:4C-27.8: Criminal history record background check required for licensure.

30:4C-27.9: Denial, suspension, revocation of license.

30:4C-27.10: Notice before denial, suspension, revocation of license, hearing.

30:4C-27.11: Judicial review.

30:4C-27.12: Fraud, misrepresentation, fourth degree crime.

30:4C-27.14: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:4C-27.15: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-27.16: Definitions relative to background checks for residential child care staff.

30:4C-27.17: Background checks required for securing, maintaining certificate of approval.

30:4C-27.18: Facilities established after effective date; procedures.

30:4C-27.19: Criteria for permanent disqualification.

30:4C-27.20: Eligibility for employment for certain rehabilitated offenders; determination.

30:4C-27.21: Immunity from liability on use of background information.

30:4C-27.22: Child abuse record information check required for securing, maintaining certificate of approval.

30:4C-27.23: Facility established after effective date, request for staff background checks.

30:4C-27.24: Regulations relative to out-of-State facility serving State residents.

30:4C-27.25: Responsibility for costs, funding of background checks.

30:4C-28: Discharge for care, custody, or guardianship.

30:4C-29: Payments for maintenance.

30:4C-29.1: Liability for maintenance costs.

30:4C-29.2: Lien on real property

30:4C-29.3: Books for recording certificates of lien; index

30:4C-29.4: Property subject to lien; notice; liability for disposal of property after notice

30:4C-29.5: Compromise and settlement of claims

30:4C-29.6: Discharge of lien; certificate

30:4C-30: Sharing of cost of maintenance by State and county

30:4C-30.1: Hospital care; total cost to be borne by state

30:4C-31: Federal assistance; compliance with requirements of Department of Health, Education and Welfare

30:4C-32: Burial of child receiving care; expenses.

30:4C-33: Compromise and settlement of claims.

30:4C-34: Recovery, reimbursement of moneys.

30:4C-35: Contributions.

30:4C-36: Petty cash fund.

30:4C-37: Checks, drafts, warrants, procedure if uncashed.

30:4C-38: Repeal

30:4C-39: Continuation of consistent provisions of prior laws; effect of repeal

30:4C-40: Effective date

30:4C-41: "Approved agency" defined

30:4C-42: Adoption Resource Exchange.

30:4C-43: Purpose of adoption resource exchange.

30:4C-44: Rules, regulations, and procedures.

30:4C-45: Legislative intent.

30:4C-46: Payments in subsidization of adoption; qualifications.

30:4C-47: Costs and expenses covered.

30:4C-48: Qualifications; original and annual determination.

30:4C-49: Rules and regulations.

30:4C-50: Short title

30:4C-51: Legislative declarations.

30:4C-52: Definitions.

30:4C-53: Filing notice of placement of child outside home.

30:4C-53.1: Findings, declarations.

30:4C-53.2: Definition of "repeated placement in resource family care," "placed again into resource family care."

30:4C-53.3: Revised, repeated placement plans, requisites.

30:4C-53.4: Petition to terminate parental rights.

30:4C-53.5: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-54: Determination by court as to placement.

30:4C-55: Placement plans, requirements.

30:4C-56: Administrative procedures to provide for needs of children and to obtain federal aid

30:4C-57: Child placement review boards

30:4C-58: Review of placements.

30:4C-58.1: Placement for adoption

30:4C-59: Written notice in advance of review.

30:4C-60: Submission of report.

30:4C-61: Issuance of order by court.

30:4C-61.1: Proposal to return child home.

30:4C-61.2: Permanency hearing.

30:4C-62: Child Placement Advisory Council

30:4C-62.1: Grants or contributions; acceptance

30:4C-63: Rules for conduct of review boards; promulgation by Supreme Court

30:4C-64: Joint legislative committee to monitor and evaluate act; report

30:4C-65: Severability

30:4C-66: Short title

30:4C-67: Findings, declarations.

30:4C-68: Definitions

30:4C-69: Development of interdepartmental plan.

30:4C-70: Establishment of CART, CIACC.

30:4C-71: Contents of plan.

30:4C-72: Principles of system of care

30:4C-73: Use of monies saved.

30:4C-74: Findings, declarations

30:4C-75: "Family preservation services program" defined

30:4C-76: Establishment of family preservation services program; objectives.

30:4C-77: Referrals to program, requirements for family preservation services

30:4C-78: Required credentials for direct services worker, supervisor

30:4C-79: Development of manual of standards.

30:4C-80: Family Preservation Services Coordinating Unit established.

30:4C-81: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

30:4C-82: Use of federal funding, maximize.

30:4C-83: Transfer of funds.

30:4C-84: Definitions relative to kinship legal guardianship and State agency action.

30:4C-85: Conduct of kinship caregiver assessment in certain cases.

30:4C-86: Checks required prior to submission of petition.

30:4C-87: Kinship legal guardianship as alternative disposition.

30:4C-88: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-89: Short title.

30:4C-90: Findings, declarations relative to kinship legal guardianship.

30:4C-91: Dissemination of information by DCF.

30:4C-92: Rules, regulations.

30:4C-101: "Tuition" defined.

30:4C-102: "Statewide Tuition Waiver Program."

30:4C-103: Eligibility requirements for program.

30:4C-104: Application procedure, maximum benefit.

30:4C-105: Rules, regulations.