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Chapter: 9 - Superintendents and physicians of county hospitals in counties of first class; appointment; terms of office

30:9-1: Superintendents and physicians of county hospitals in counties of first class; appointment; terms of office

30:9-1.1: Bonds for erection of county lunatic asylum

30:9-2: Architect appointed by Superior Court; duties

30:9-3: Bylaws, rules, regulations of county psychiatric facility

30:9-3.1: Commissary or store; establishment; cost; profits

30:9-4: Enlargement of or additions to asylum

30:9-5: Bonds for additions, repairs, or furnishing county lunatic asylum

30:9-6: Consolidation of county insane hospitals

30:9-7: Sale of unnecessary lands and buildings on consolidation; disposition of proceeds

30:9-8: Change of location of county insane hospital; within county; authorized, when; resolution by board of chosen freeholders

30:9-9: Relocation of county insane hospital in another county; authorized, when; agreement with other county; powers and duties of boards of chosen freeholde

30:9-10: Disagreement as to cost of maintenance of hospital; action in Superior Court

30:9-11: Contracts for county insane asylums

30:9-12: Superintendents of hospitals for insane in counties of first class; terms of office

30:9-12.1: Counties over 400,000; county hospitals; lands and buildings

30:9-12.2: Board of managers

30:9-12.3: President and vice-presidents of board; superintendent

30:9-12.4: Secretary and custodian of funds

30:9-12.5: Powers and duties of board of managers

30:9-12.6: Powers and duties of superintendent

30:9-12.7: Admissions for other than mental illness

30:9-12.8: Persons who may be treated

30:9-12.9: Investigation of patient

30:9-12.10: Fidelity bonds

30:9-12.11: Special policemen

30:9-12.12: Liability of officers, employees and board members

30:9-12.13: Abolishment of office or employment; consolidation; transfers

30:9-12.14: Consolidation of county hospitals with other agencies and facilities

30:9-12.15: Second class counties; admission of patients able to pay; charges

30:9-12.15a: Counties of first class having 700,000 to 900,000 population; admission of patients

30:9-12.15b: Counties of first class having 700,000 to 900,000 population; admission of patients notwithstanding failure to meet qualifications of section 30:9-12.

30:9-12.16: Institution for treatment of alcoholics; resolution for establishment

30:9-12.17: Contents of resolution; board of managers

30:9-12.18: Powers and duties of board of managers

30:9-12.19: Admission of patients; rules and regulations

30:9-12.20: Admission or commitment by order of court in criminal cases

30:9-12.21: Commitment upon application after notice and hearing

30:9-12.22: Counties with 265,000 to 330,000 population; establishment of institution for disabled or aged persons; powers

30:9-12.23: Board of managers; appointment; term; vacancies; compensation; expenses

30:9-12.24: Chairman and vice-chairman; secretary; treasurer

30:9-12.25: Powers and duties of chairman, board of managers and board of chosen freeholders

30:9-12.26: Administrator; appointment; term; salary; secretary to board

30:9-12.27: Powers and duties of administrator

30:9-12.28: Investigation of patients' financial circumstances by county welfare board

30:9-12.29: Short title

30:9-12.30: Legislative findings

30:9-12.31: Definitions

30:9-12.32: Information to be submitted by hospitals

30:9-12.33: Determination of fulfillment of conditions; contracts with public general hospital and local government; schedule; provisions

30:9-12.34: Board of managers of institution receiving funds; additional members; appointment; reconstitution of financially distressed hospital

30:9-12.35: Duties and powers of commissioner

30:9-13: Power to establish municipal hospitals; executive officer

30:9-14: Board of managers

30:9-15: Powers granted deemed additional

30:9-16: Hospitals for indigent sick and disabled; establishment by cities

30:9-17: Management of hospitals for indigent sick and disabled; rules and regulations; physicians, superintendents and other employees; no discrimination in a

30:9-18: Improvement, reconstruction and repair of city hospitals

30:9-19: Loans to meet expenditures; bonds; expenditures for furnishings and equipment

30:9-20: Additional city hospital accommodations; bonds; control and management

30:9-21: Bonds for new city hospitals in cities of the first class; issue and sale

30:9-22: Trustees of city hospitals in cities of first class; appointment; terms; bonds; powers and duties

30:9-23: Purchase of lands and erection of buildings for new city hospitals in cities of first class; contracts

30:9-23.1: Medical director, supervisor of nurses and purchasing agent for all county and municipal hospitals or institutions in certain counties; salaries; qual

30:9-23.2: Powers and duties of medical director

30:9-23.3: Assistant; qualifications; compensation payable by whom

30:9-23.4: Clerical assistants; agreed compensation; suspension or dismissal

30:9-23.5: Pension funds; persons paid partly by county and partly by municipality; transfer of credits

30:9-23.6: Affiliation of hospitals with medical and dental colleges

30:9-23.7: Contract provisions

30:9-23.8: Lease of equipment or space

30:9-23.9: Sharing of facilities and costs

30:9-23.10: Duration of contracts and leases

30:9-23.11: Additional authority--Advertising, bids, security

30:9-23.12: Rights of employees

30:9-23.13: Board of managers--Power and authority

30:9-23.14: Powers granted by other laws

30:9-23.15: Short title.

30:9-23.16: Charitable transfer to authority.

30:9-23.17: Definitions relative to municipal hospital authorities.

30:9-23.18: Creation of municipal hospital authority.

30:9-23.19: Governing board of authority.

30:9-23.20: Powers, duties of authority.

30:9-23.21: Issuance of bonds, notes; contracts between city and authority.

30:9-23.22: Construction of act.

30:9-23.23: Transfer exempt, certain.

30:9-23.24: Authority may enter into contract with private entity.

30:9-24: Maternity hospitals in counties of the first class; bond issue

30:9-25: Board of managers of maternity hospital; duties and powers

30:9-25.1: Allocation of positions and employments to classified service

30:9-25.2: Certification of names of employees to Civil Service Commission

30:9-26: Use of hospital; gynecologic service; charges

30:9-27: Contracts for mutual services between county and municipality

30:9-27.1: Sale to municipality

30:9-27.2: Consolidation as separate department of municipal hospital; services for residents of county and municipality

30:9-27.3: Assumption and payment of deficits by county

30:9-27.4: Rights of county or municipal employees

30:9-27.5: Limitation on payment of deficits by county; independent audits by county auditor

30:9-27.6: County employee transferred to municipal employment; membership in county pension fund

30:9-28: Municipal hospital within other municipality; consent required

30:9-29: County aid to hospitals caring for communicable diseases

30:9-35: Sewers or drains for county contagious disease hospital

30:9-36: Pesthouses or isolation hospitals in connection with poorhouses

30:9-37: Communicable disease hospital; location; bonds

30:9-38: Board of managers; appointment, terms, compensation; certain counties of first and second classes

30:9-38.1: Counties of second class; board of managers; members

30:9-39: Powers and duties of board of managers and hospital committee

30:9-40: Removal of cases to hospital; rheumatic fever cases

30:9-41: Use of hospital; charges

30:9-42: Expenses paid

30:9-43: Board of chosen freeholders to approve salaries and control purchases and repairs

30:9-44: Hospitals for communicable diseases in certain counties of the first class

30:9-44.1: Hospital for communicable diseases; use as annex to county almshouse in certain first class counties

30:9-44.2: Effective date

30:9-44.3: First class counties over 800,000; use of hospital for any public use; adjoining lands

30:9-57: Commitment for failure to observe rules

30:9-61: County hospital for communicable diseases

30:9-62: Board of managers; appointment, term, etc.

30:9-63: Organization of board; superintendent; time to be spent at hospital

30:9-64: Duties of board of managers

30:9-65: Executive officer; duties

30:9-66: Applications for admission; legal settlement; maintenance; disciplining patients; discharge

30:9-67: Use of hospital; patients from without county

30:9-68: Investigation of patients' ability to pay

30:9-69: Inspection of hospital and records

30:9-70: Second-class cities; hospital for communicable diseases; bonds

30:9-71: Board of health to manage hospital, certify requirements and make disbursements

30:9-72: City hospitals for communicable diseases; certificate of board of health; appropriations

30:9-73: Hospital site; construction; management

30:9-74: Use of hospital; charges

30:9-75: Joint municipal action to establish hospitals for communicable diseases

30:9-76: Resolution by municipal boards of health authorizing joint action

30:9-77: Joint meeting of representatives of several boards of health; powers

30:9-78: Condemnation of lands

30:9-79: Expense; apportionment; bonds

30:9-80: Location of hospital; consent of municipal authorities; use of streets

30:9-81: Funds placed to credit of local board of health; expenditures of joint meeting

30:9-85: Construction and maintenance

30:9-86: Control of hospital; joint hospitals

30:9-87: Joint purchases by health-care facilities

30:9-88: Public bidding exemption