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Chapter: 9A - Declaration of policy

30:9A-1: Declaration of policy

30:9A-2: Definitions

30:9A-3: Establishment of service; board; members; meetings; mental health administrator

30:9A-4: Term of members

30:9A-5: Powers and duties

30:9A-6: Community projects

30:9A-7: Project application

30:9A-8: Approval of project

30:9A-9: Grants and expenditures

30:9A-9.1: Distribution of appropriated money; considerations

30:9A-9.2: Target populations; initiation or expansion of services

30:9A-10: Rules and regulations

30:9A-11: Financial grant-in-aid for capital expenditures

30:9A-12: Findings, declarations

30:9A-13: Youth suicide prevention program

30:9A-14: Guidelines

30:9A-15: Proposals

30:9A-16: Cooperation with school boards

30:9A-18: Definitions relative to mental health programs

30:9A-19: License required for conducting, maintaining, operating mental health program; fees.

30:9A-20: Construction of act.

30:9A-21: Rules, regulations.

30:9A-22: Findings, declarations relative to youth suicide.

30:9A-23: Definitions relative to youth suicide.

30:9A-24: Report by teacher of attempted, completed suicide by student; other reporting requirements.

30:9A-25: New Jersey Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council.

30:9A-26: Public awareness campaign on youth suicide prevention and intervention.

30:9A-27: Compilation of data, annual report.

30:9A-28: Regulations.

30:9A-29: Statewide youth suicide prevention plan; development, adoption.

30:9A-30: Preparation of report.

30:9A-31: Review of grant application procedures; applications.

30:9A-32: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:9A-33: Rules, regulations.