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Chapter: 4 - Boards of trustees; appointment; terms; vacancies; removal; compensation; organization

30:4-1: Boards of trustees; appointment; terms; vacancies; removal; compensation; organization

30:4-1.1: Boards of trustees; powers and duties

30:4-2: Principal office of each board

30:4-3: Institutional officers and employees

30:4-3.1: Residency requirement

30:4-3.2: Working test period and job training program

30:4-3.3: Qualified residents; insufficient number

30:4-3.4: Definitions

30:4-3.5: Criminal history record checks.

30:4-3.6: Fingerprinting

30:4-3.7: Written notice; hearing

30:4-3.8: Report

30:4-3.9: Rules, regulations

30:4-3.10: Cost-bearing by Department of Human Services

30:4-3.11: Requirements for corrections officer

30:4-3.11a: Applicability of "45-day" rule for violation of internal rules to State corrections officers.

30:4-3.12: Definitions relative to employees of State psychiatric hospitals

30:4-3.13: Staff member not to supervise immediate family member

30:4-3.14: Notification of outside employment of staff member

30:4-3.15: Definitions relative to reporting patient abuse, professional misconduct

30:4-3.16: Report of abuse of patient

30:4-3.17: Report of professional misconduct

30:4-3.18: Patient abuse, professional misconduct reporting program

30:4-3.19: Disclosure of name of person reporting patient abuse, professional misconduct; prohibited; immunity

30:4-3.20: Failure to report, penalty

30:4-3.21: Regulations

30:4-3.22: State psychiatric hospital to conduct public meetings.

30:4-3.23: Definitions relative to State psychiatric hospitals.

30:4-3.24: Reporting system for physical assaults, unexpected deaths at State psychiatric hospitals.

30:4-3.25: Notification relative to certain deaths.

30:4-3.26: Rules, regulations.

30:4-3.27: Drug testing required for certain State employees at psychiatric hospitals, developmental centers.

30:4-4: Management and authority vested in chief executive officers

30:4-4a: Reference to board of managers as reference to chief executive officer

30:4-4.1: Requirements for internship in public hospital

30:4-5: Responsibility of executive officer

30:4-6: Duties of chief executive officer.

30:4-6.1: Prosecutor notified by institution or parole board of inmate release; process.

30:4-6.2: "Prisoner Reentry Commission."

30:4-7: Hospitalization of inmates

30:4-7.1: Provision for health, safety, and welfare of incompetent patients, residents.

30:4-7.2: Consent for treatment for certain patients, inmates, residents, or juveniles.

30:4-7.3: Authority to consent to emergency treatment.

30:4-7.4: Notice of required treatment to parent, guardian.

30:4-7.5: Exemption from personal liability for chief executive officer, regional administrator.

30:4-7.6: Construction of act relative to healing by prayer.

30:4-7.7: Definitions relative to testing of blood of patients at State psychiatric facilities.

30:4-7.8: Blood testing required upon admission; information; guidelines for treatment.

30:4-7.9: Rules, regulations.

30:4-7.10: Actions to ensure compliance.

30:4-8: Isolation or quarantine of inmates having communicable disease

30:4-8.1: Attendance of prisoners at bedside or funeral of dying or deceased relative

30:4-8.2: Rules and regulations concerning attendance at bedside or funeral

30:4-8.3: Correspondence of inmates of state and county penal and correctional institutions; language

30:4-8.4: Rules and regulations for each penal and correctional institution; promulgation and publication

30:4-8.5: Furnishing to new arrivals; explanation to non-English speaking prisoners

30:4-8.6: Assignment of inmates in proximity to family.

30:4-8.7: Incarceration of female inmates.

30:4-8.8: Submission of complaints concerning female inmates.

30:4-8.9: Defendant advised of child support orders, judgments.

30:4-8.10: Posting of change in visitation privileges on website.

30:4-8.11: "Private correctional facility" defined.

30:4-8.12: Telephone service contracts for inmates.

30:4-8.13: Availability of collect call system for inmates.

30:4-8.14: Rules, regulations.

30:4-9: Residence at institution; maintenance

30:4-10: Maintenance of personnel

30:4-11: Offices may be changed or abolished

30:4-12: Bond may be required

30:4-13: Discharge of unclassified employees

30:4-14: Police officers for Department of Human Services; powers; appointment

30:4-14.1: Authorization required to carry firearm

30:4-14.2: Training requirements for Human Services police officers

30:4-15: Commissaries for sale of commodities to inmates, visitors and personnel

30:4-15.1: Collection of "VCCB Surcharge" by commissary in correctional facility.

30:4-16: Liability in law action

30:4-16.1: Acceptance and use of gifts, legacies and bequests authorized; refunding bond by chief executive officer

30:4-16.2: Frivolous lawsuits filed by inmates; determination, recovery of costs, fees; forfeiture of time credits

30:4-16.3: Waiver of filing fee; part payment

30:4-16.4: Disposition of monies derived from judgment

30:4-16.5: Definitions relative to civil actions by inmates

30:4-16.6: Provision of prescription medications to certain incarcerated persons.

30:4-17: Acquisition of lands for state institutions

30:4-19: Acquisition of additional real estate for certain juvenile institutions not owned by state

30:4-20: Sale of surplus state hospital lands

30:4-21: Sale of old deaf school

30:4-22: Sale of Kearny home for disabled soldiers

30:4-24: General principles, applicability.

30:4-24.1: Civil rights and medical care for mentally ill

30:4-24.2: Rights of patients

30:4-24.3: Confidentiality; exceptions.

30:4-24.3a: Submission of certain mental health records required.

30:4-24.4: Written reports accounting for expenditures.

30:4-24.5: Study of management and handling of moneys; regulations

30:4-25.1: Definitions; classes for application for admission to functional services.

30:4-25.2: Application for determination of eligibility.

30:4-25.3: Determination of eligibility.

30:4-25.4: Issuance of statement of eligibility.

30:4-25.5: Court order for care and custody of eligible minors.

30:4-25.6: Admission to functional services; alternative services.

30:4-25.7: Provision for health, safety, welfare, etc., of persons admitted.

30:4-25.8: Maintenance of contact and consultation with parents or guardians of persons admitted.

30:4-25.9: Conditions of eligibility for functional services participation.

30:4-25.9a: Required notifications.

30:4-25.10: Short title.

30:4-25.11: Application for determination of eligibility for services to developmentally disabled.

30:4-25.12: Entry into cooperative agreements by departments.

30:4-25.13: Definitions relative to certain Division of Developmental Disabilities facilities.

30:4-25.14: Admission to MSU by court orders.

30:4-25.15: Procedures prior to admission to MSU.

30:4-25.16: Actions of the court relative to admission to MSU.

30:4-25.17: Court review of order every six months, possible actions.

30:4-25.18: Release from MSU.

30:4-25.19: Construction of act relative to commitment to functional services.

30:4-25.20: Single process for determining eligibility for services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

30:4-25.21: Cooperative agreements.

30:4-25.22: Construction of act relative to P.L.2012, c.16.

30:4-25.23: Construction of act.

30:4-27.1: Findings, declarations.

30:4-27.2: Definitions.

30:4-27.3: Involuntary commitment to treatment.

30:4-27.4: Screening service.

30:4-27.5: Screening service procedures.

30:4-27.6: Custody.

30:4-27.7: Immunity from liability.

30:4-27.8: Short-term care facilities designated.

30:4-27.8a: Plan of outpatient treatment developed by provider.

30:4-27.9: Purposes, procedures.

30:4-27.10: Court proceedings.

30:4-27.11: Patient rights.

30:4-27.11a: Findings, declarations

30:4-27.11b: Definitions

30:4-27.11c: Patient not deprived of rights through receiving assessment, treatment

30:4-27.11d: Rights of patient in short-term care facility

30:4-27.11e: Rights of patient in screening service

30:4-27.12: Court hearing.

30:4-27.13: Notice of hearing.

30:4-27.14: Patient rights at hearing.

30:4-27.15: Court findings relative to involuntary commitment to treatment.

30:4-27.15a: Court determination of assignment of patient to involuntary commitment to treatment.

30:4-27.16: Court review hearings.

30:4-27.17: Discharge determination.

30:4-27.18: Discharge plan.

30:4-27.18a: Reference to mean "in need of involuntary commitment to treatment."

30:4-27.19: Interim financial assistance

30:4-27.20: Discharge of voluntary patients

30:4-27.21: Transfer of patients

30:4-27.22: Uniform detainer form

30:4-27.23: Allowable costs

30:4-27.24: Short title

30:4-27.25: Findings, declarations relative to sexually violent predators

30:4-27.26: Definitions relative to sexually violent predators

30:4-27.27: Written notice to Attorney General of anticipated release, discharge

30:4-27.28: Initiation of court proceeding for involuntary commitment

30:4-27.29: Court hearing

30:4-27.30: Notice of court hearing

30:4-27.31: Rights at court hearing

30:4-27.32: Order authorizing continued involuntary commitment

30:4-27.33: Involuntary commitment of person lacking mental competence to stand trial

30:4-27.34: Operation of facility for sexually violent predators; regulations

30:4-27.35: Annual court review hearing

30:4-27.36: Recommendation for discharge

30:4-27.37: Discharge plan

30:4-27.38: Written notice of release

30:4-31: Commitment of nonresidents

30:4-34: County adjuster for commitment of persons with mental illness.

30:4-34.1: Tenure after 5 years of service

30:4-35: County adjuster to file certificate of appointment with commissioner

30:4-49: Legal settlement in county; aliens

30:4-49.1: Settlement of married woman

30:4-49.2: Settlement of minor born in wedlock

30:4-49.3: Settlement of minor born out of wedlock

30:4-49.4: Minors; capability of separate settlement

30:4-49.5: Settlement of child of widow, divorced woman or unmarried mother who gains new settlement by marriage

30:4-49.6: Loss of settlement

30:4-50: Continuance of settlement; abandonment

30:4-51: Legal settlement in State

30:4-52: State to bear costs of nonresident

30:4-53: Returning patient to proper residence

30:4-54: Legal settlement of inmates of foreign institutions

30:4-55: Bringing inmates of foreign institutions into state; misdemeanor

30:4-56: Judgment of commitment; expense; filing fee.

30:4-57: If no settlement in any county

30:4-60: Payments, determination of amount, liability therefor.

30:4-60a: Regulations concerning sliding scale fee and patient liability.

30:4-60.1: Transcript of evidence of indigency furnished institution

30:4-60.2: "Estate," "patient" defined

30:4-63: Commitment of person with mental illness, payment.

30:4-65: Guardian of estate, bond, discharge

30:4-66: Liability for support.

30:4-67: Rate for maintenance of patient

30:4-67.1: Deposit and maintenance of funds of inmates; use of funds and interest

30:4-68: Patients unable to pay cost of hospitalization supported by county of legal settlement

30:4-68.1: Medicaid and Medicare eligible patients

30:4-68.2: Monthly personal needs allowance, $35.

30:4-69: Patients unable to pay cost of hospitalization supported by state

30:4-70: Collection of arrearages; modification of order of commitment

30:4-71: Change of status from contributing patient; change of rate of payment

30:4-72: Notice of change of status

30:4-73: Primary liability of county from which patient is committed; findings as to legal settlement, etc.

30:4-74: Continuing liability of patient's estate or persons chargeable

30:4-75: Amount of recovery

30:4-75.1: Authority to collect moneys due the State

30:4-75.2: Rules and regulations

30:4-75.3: Repeal of inconsistent laws

30:4-76: Statement of settlement and financial ability furnished

30:4-77: Settlement of claims; funds for rehabilitation

30:4-78: Rates for maintenance of State patients and convict and criminal mentally ill and payment thereof

30:4-78.1: County to submit financial and management plan for psychiatric facility

30:4-78.2: State assumption of management and operation of psychiatric facility.

30:4-78.3: Determination of eligibility for State reimbursement for costs

30:4-78.4: State authority over county psychiatric facility to replace certain administrators

30:4-78.5: Deduction of State services from county appropriation

30:4-79: Payments by county treasurer; statement furnished

30:4-80: Tax levy; repayment by those legally liable

30:4-80.1: Lien against property of persons confined, receiving services.

30:4-80.2: Form and execution of lien; maintenance not covered by lien

30:4-80.3: Filing of lien; effect

30:4-80.4: Lien against goods, rights, credits, etc., held by another for use of patient or persons chargeable

30:4-80.5: Books for entry and indexing of liens; no fees required

30:4-80.6: Discharge of liens, certain.

30:4-80.6a: Liens, certain; extinguished.

30:4-80.6b: Public access to certain liens limited.

30:4-80.7: Review of validity of lien; discharge

30:4-80.8: Application for relief.

30:4-80.9: Hearing; order.

30:4-80.10: Inapplicability of act, exception.

30:4-80.11: Effect of order of expungement

30:4-82.1: Findings, declarations

30:4-82.2: Mental health services plan

30:4-82.3: Deadline; regulations

30:4-82.4: Procedures for inmates "in need of involuntary commitment"

30:4-83.1: Notice of transfer.

30:4-84.3: Temporary or indefinite transfers

30:4-85: Transfers between correctional institutions; transfer to State prison; authority of commissioner; contracts with county institutions

30:4-85.1: Transfer of inmates

30:4-86: Custody of transferred persons; retransfer

30:4-87: Settlement of persons transferred; copies of records, etc., transferred; notice of transfers to freeholders

30:4-88: Prisoners conveyed by sheriffs; bills of costs

30:4-89: Expenses for transfer

30:4-90: Age and sex

30:4-91: Transfer of indigent nonresident patients

30:4-91.1: Transfer to more appropriate institution or facility; authority of commissioner

30:4-91.2: Designation by commissioner or agent; facility defined

30:4-91.3: Extension of limits of place of confinement

30:4-91.3a: State or county prisoners; release on interim basis; notice to local police department

30:4-91.3b: Furlough prohibited, prisoners, certain

30:4-91.3c: Definitions relative to wanted person checks.

30:4-91.3d: Conducting wanted person check on inmates or suspects.

30:4-91.3e: Definitions relative to correctional facility security; regulations.

30:4-91.4: Withdrawals from inmate's account.

30:4-91.5: Escape from confinement

30:4-91.6: Rules and regulations

30:4-91.7: Authority of state parole board

30:4-91.8: Notice of review for community release of certain inmates.

30:4-91.9: Definitions relative to certain private corrections facilities.

30:4-91.10: Confinement of eligible inmates in private facilities.

30:4-91.11: Preparation, transmittal of information regarding background of inmate.

30:4-91.12: Establishment of community relations advisory board.

30:4-91.13: Escape of inmate from private facility, notices required.

30:4-91.14: Rules, regulations.

30:4-91.15: Program to record and analyze recidivism.

30:4-91.16: Transfer of account balance to inmate upon release.

30:4-91.17: Reinstatement of inmate into Medicaid program upon release.

30:4-91.18: Establishment of mentoring program.

30:4-91.19: Report on status of Residential Community Release Program beds.

30:4-91.20: Inventory, review of vocational training programs.

30:4-91.21: Actions relative to revising, terminating inmate vocational training program.

30:4-91.22: Attorneys, representatives permitted to visit halfway houses.

30:4-91.23: Rules, regulations.

30:4-92: Compensation for inmates

30:4-92a: Special credits.

30:4-92.1: Mandatory workforce skills training program.

30:4-92.2: Program of mandatory education.

30:4-92.3: Vocational Training Pilot Program.

30:4-93: Contracts for labor and products.

30:4-93.1: Interstate sale of articles, goods manufactured by inmates

30:4-94: Catalogue of articles and prices

30:4-95: Purchases of articles manufactured by institutional labor

30:4-96: Estimates for ensuing year; no technical evasion

30:4-97: Sale of surplus; goods stamped

30:4-98: Powers of state board

30:4-99: Limitations on employment; marching prisoners in irons; armed guards; free labor

30:4-100: Cash operating fund; settlements; monthly statement; delivery; disposition of receipts; examination of accounts; transfer of moneys; annual statement

30:4-101: Married couples not to be separated, exceptions.

30:4-102: Female patients to be accompanied

30:4-103: County physician to certify cause of death in institution

30:4-104: Post-mortem examinations

30:4-105: Certificate of death or discharge; record

30:4-107.1: Release of person; provision of functional services.

30:4-107.2: Continuation of functional services after attainment by minor of majority

30:4-107.3: Discharge of persons receiving functional services without court order.

30:4-107.4: Discharge of persons admitted to and receiving functional services as result of court order

30:4-107.5: Discharge of persons admitted under Class I

30:4-114: Payment on parole or discharge; return of personal property

30:4-116: Retaking persons leaving without discharge

30:4-116.1: Notification of escape

30:4-117: Retaking of patients of county mental hospital

30:4-118: Warrant for arrest

30:4-119: Assist return to institution

30:4-121: Expenses of parole

30:4-122: Money advanced for the return of inmates

30:4-123: Use of fund for traveling expenses of paroled inmates and parole officers

30:4-123.45: Short title, definitions relative to parole.

30:4-123.46: Application of act

30:4-123.47: State Parole Board

30:4-123.47a: Parole Advisory Board established.

30:4-123.47b: Duties of advisory board.

30:4-123.47c: Division of Parole in State Parole Board, constituted.

30:4-123.48: Policies, determinations of parole board.

30:4-123.49: Assignment of cases; member as hearing officer; limitation to either adult or juvenile cases; representatives of board.

30:4-123.50: Office facilities and clerical assistance; cooperation in furnishing information and data to board; power of subpena; failure to respond; penalty

30:4-123.51: Eligibility for parole.

30:4-123.51a: Inmate of county penal institution; revocation of parole; denial of credits and ineligibility for parole

30:4-123.51b: Released status under term of parole supervision; rules, regulations; conditions applicable to parole supervision for life.

30:4-123.51c: "Terminal condition, disease or syndrome," defined; medical parole conditions.

30:4-123.52: Increase or decrease of parole eligibility date, written statement to inmate, psychological evaluation.

30:4-123.53: Release of inmate.

30:4-123.53a: Definitions; notice of release of certain offenders; procedures.

30:4-123.53b: Immunity

30:4-123.54: Report prior to parole eligibility date

30:4-123.54a: Inmate liable for cost of psychological evaluation; rules, regulations.

30:4-123.55: Review of reports, risk assessment, inmate's statement; certification, denial of parole; hearing

30:4-123.55a: State Parole Board notification to prosecutor

30:4-123.56: Schedule of future parole eligibility date; statement of denial.

30:4-123.57: Review of case of juvenile inmate

30:4-123.58: Appeal of denial; review of decision of hearing officer on initiative and for good cause by board; suspension of parole release date; rescission heari

30:4-123.59: Legal custody and supervision; conditions.

30:4-123.60: Violation of parole conditions

30:4-123.61: Violation of conditions of parole; review; appeal

30:4-123.62: Parole violation; apprehension; hearing.

30:4-123.63: Revocation of parole; hearing

30:4-123.64: Schedule of future parole eligibility dates after revocation of parole

30:4-123.65: Term limited by sentence

30:4-123.66: Discharge from parole prior to maximum term.

30:4-123.67: Parole contract agreements resulting in reduction of term of parole.

30:4-123.68: Transfer of records, files and documents of former state parole board; continuance of rules, regulations and functions

30:4-123.69: Supersedure of inconsistent acts; inapplicability to Code of Criminal Justice

30:4-123.76: Violation of conditions of parole

30:4-123.88: Polygraph exams of offenders, conditions, use, cost.

30:4-123.89: Short title.

30:4-123.90: Findings, declarations relative to monitoring of sex offenders.

30:4-123.91: Definitions relative to monitoring of sex offenders.

30:4-123.92: Program for continuous, satellite-based monitoring of sex offenders.

30:4-123.93: Sharing of criminal incident information.

30:4-123.94: Noncompliance, third degree crime.

30:4-123.95: Interference with monitoring device, third degree crime.

30:4-123.97: Additional penalty for certain sex offenders.

30:4-123.98: "Sex Offender Supervision Fund."

30:4-123.99: Development of program, training for certain parole officers.

30:4-124: Records; recommendations to courts

30:4-125: Case records of patients

30:4-126: Reports; by boards of managers to commissioner; by state board to governor; requisitions for appropriations

30:4-127: Visitation of certain institutions; application to Superior Court judge.

30:4-128: Keepers to permit investigation

30:4-129: Power to summon witnesses; resolution designating division chief

30:4-130: Witnesses' fees and mileage

30:4-131: Contempt

30:4-132: Sale of unclaimed property; proceeds; disposition

30:4-133: Unclaimed wages; disposition

30:4-134: Institutions supported by county funds; proceeds of unclaimed property

30:4-135: Institutions supported by municipal funds; proceeds of unclaimed property

30:4-136: State prison defined

30:4-139: United States prisoners

30:4-140: Reduction schedule for minimum-maximum sentences

30:4-140.1: Attempt by inmate to obtain certain information; forfeiture of good time.

30:4-141: Record of prisoners

30:4-144: Eight hours a day's service

30:4-145: Advances for transporting guards and prisoners; accounting

30:4-146: Youth correctional institution complex defined

30:4-146.1: Board of managers

30:4-147: Commitment of males to Youth Correctional Institution Complex

30:4-148: Sentences to correctional institutions of person under 26

30:4-153: Correctional institution for women defined

30:4-154: Commitment of females to Correctional Institution for Women

30:4-157.2: Warrant of commitment, records

30:4-157.4: Expenses for commitment proceedings, board of juvenile

30:4-157.5: Fees allowable

30:4-157.7: Juvenile not indentured, bound out to service

30:4-157.8: Placement of paroled juvenile

30:4-160: State hospitals.

30:4-162: Geographic districts; designation of hospitals to receive persons from the districts

30:4-165.1: Provision of comprehensive evaluation, functional and guardianship services.

30:4-165.2: Residential and nonresidential functional services.

30:4-165.3: Investigation of residency, ability to pay; records maintained by county

30:4-165.4: "Guardianship services" defined.

30:4-165.5: Application for appointment of guardian.

30:4-165.6: Person with developmental disability to continue receipt of residential functional services; exceptions.

30:4-165.7: Filing of complaint for guardianship.

30:4-165.8: Necessary affidavits; "significant chronic functional impairment" defined.

30:4-165.11: "Incapacitated person" defined.

30:4-165.12: Appointment of guardian

30:4-165.13: Review of prior guardianships.

30:4-165.13a: Annual report to the Legislature

30:4-165.14: Public Defender as counsel

30:4-165.15: Modification, termination, review

30:4-165.16: Rules

30:4-177.1: Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center; location

30:4-177.2: Equipment and maintenance for treatment of children with nervous disorders

30:4-177.3: Voluntary admissions; application

30:4-177.4: Commitment from court

30:4-177.5: Admission in same manner as other patients are admitted to mental hospitals

30:4-177.6: Treatment; release or transfer

30:4-177.7: Transfers; forms for admission or commitment

30:4-177.8: Board of managers; superintendent

30:4-177.9: Laws governing at Center

30:4-177.10: Children under care of Board of Children's Guardians, admission of

30:4-177.11: Effective date

30:4-177.12: Establishment of institution

30:4-177.13: Declaration of public policy

30:4-177.14: Persons admitted and treated

30:4-177.15: Manner of admission

30:4-177.16: Application for admission other than by transfer or voluntary request

30:4-177.17: Application for voluntary admission

30:4-177.18: Management, operation and administration

30:4-177.19: Equipment; staff

30:4-177.19a: Neuro-Psychiatric Institute; construction; transfer of funds

30:4-177.19b: Contract with Rutgers for administration, management and supervision of operation

30:4-177.19c: Powers and duties

30:4-177.19d: Agreements authorized by resolution of board of control

30:4-177.19e: Agreements subject to approval of state house commission

30:4-177.31: Public policy

30:4-177.32: Establishment, equipment and maintenance

30:4-177.33: Establishment; areas; programs and procedures

30:4-177.34: Management, operation and administration in conformity with this title; rules and regulations

30:4-177.35: Management, direction and control

30:4-177.36: Appropriation

30:4-177.37: Establishment

30:4-177.38: Programs

30:4-177.39: Findings, declarations

30:4-177.40: Development Center at Ancora

30:4-177.41: Community placement

30:4-177.42: Report, evaluation.

30:4-177.43: Short title

30:4-177.44: Findings, declarations

30:4-177.45: Definitions relative to family support services for persons with a serious mental illness.

30:4-177.46: Program of family support services established

30:4-177.47: Monitoring, administering the program; State Family Support Services Plan

30:4-177.48: Family working groups established

30:4-177.49: Duties of coordinator

30:4-177.50: Allocation of monies

30:4-177.51: Family support services considered State benefit

30:4-177.52: Rules, regulations

30:4-177.53: Short title

30:4-177.54: Findings, declarations relative to funding for community mental health, developmental disability services

30:4-177.55: Definitions relative to funding for community mental health, developmental disability services

30:4-177.56: Powers of commissioner

30:4-177.57: Use of certain monies received by State

30:4-177.58: Rules, regulations

30:4-177.59: Rules, regulations relative to psychiatric facilities operated by DHS.

30:4-177.60: DHS to develop procedures for transfer of certain patients to appropriate treatment setting.

30:4-177.61: Standardized admission protocols, medical clearance criteria for transfer of patients to psychiatric facilities.

30:4-177.62: DHS rules, regulations.

30:4-177.63: Duties of commissioners relative to identification of available mental health services, needs assessment.

30:4-177.64: Follow-up studies.

30:4-177.65: Compilation of results of follow-up studies; reports.

30:4-177.66: Information relative to open beds in certain residential facilities.

30:4-177.67: Submission of information by facility.

30:4-177.68: Workgroup.

30:4-178: Expenses and compensation of persons designated to attend conventions

30:4-179: Annual compensation fixed

30:4-180: Minimum compensation; yearly increase; maximum compensation

30:4-181: Limitation on annual increase

30:4-182: Compensation not reduced; payment