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Chapter: 6D -


Chapter: 6D - Use of medical marijuana for certain patients with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-1: Short title

30:6D-2: Legislative findings and declarations

30:6D-3: Additional definitions.

30:6D-4: Admission to or residence at facility or receipt of service; prohibition of presumption of incompetence, discrimination against or deprivation of cons

30:6D-5: Rights of person receiving services for developmentally disabled at facility.

30:6D-5.1: Short title.

30:6D-5.2: Definitions relative to staff working with persons with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury.

30:6D-5.3: Responsibilities of staff at facility for persons with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury.

30:6D-5.4: Violations, penalties.

30:6D-5.5: Record of violations.

30:6D-5.6: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-5.7: Findings, declarations relative to individuals with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-5.8: Definitions relative to individuals with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-5.9: Rules concerning licensed community care residence.

30:6D-5a: Use of audio recording device by certain persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-5b: Use of medical marijuana for certain patients with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-5.10: Compliance by licensee required.

30:6D-5.11: Provisional license.

30:6D-5.12: Provision of written report by case manager.

30:6D-5.13: Visit by supervisor of case manager.

30:6D-5.14: Notice to licensee.

30:6D-5.15: Compilation of data by Special Response Unit.

30:6D-5.16: Submission of report by provider of day program.

30:6D-5.17: Power to take individual into protective custody.

30:6D-5.18: Certain information omitted from habilitation plan.

30:6D-5.19: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-6: Employment and promotion of developmentally disabled by agency or institution providing services

30:6D-7: Habeas corpus; enforcement of rights

30:6D-8: Rights, obligations and prohibitions; notice; oral explanation; posting

30:6D-9: Services by facilities; maximization of developmental potential

30:6D-9.1: Definitions relative to community-based residential programs.

30:6D-9.2: Site visits and evaluations of every community-based residential program facility.

30:6D-9.3: Provision of notification of injuries of developmentally disabled individual; specification.

30:6D-9.4: Verification of the level of severity of the injury, incident.

30:6D-9.5: Drug testing for direct care staff applicants and employees.

30:6D-9.6: Meetings with parents and guardians of developmentally disabled residents; request for contact information.

30:6D-9.7: Department of Human Services website posting of the law.

30:6D-9.8: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-10: Individualized habilitation plan; development; revision

30:6D-11: Individualized habilitation plan; contents

30:6D-12: Annual review

30:6D-12.1: Short title.

30:6D-12.2: Findings, declarations relative to self-directed support services for persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-12.3: Definitions relative to self-directed support services for persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-12.4: Responsibilities of the commissioner.

30:6D-12.5: Rights applicable to persons receiving self-directed support services.

30:6D-12.6: Development, expansion of self-directed support services.

30:6D-13: Legislative findings

30:6D-14: Definitions.

30:6D-15: Persons to whom act applicable

30:6D-16: Individual habilitation plans; preparation; conditions of transfer; review of plan

30:6D-17: Residents of community residential facility; rights; enforcement

30:6D-18: Requirements for geographic location of site of transfer

30:6D-19: Requirements for staff of community residential facility

30:6D-20: Monthly visit by case manager

30:6D-21: Transfer only if consistent with best interests of developmentally disabled person; failure to adjust; transfer

30:6D-21.1: Transfers not mandatory.

30:6D-21.2: Inapplicability of C.30:6D-21.1.

30:6D-21.3: Certain obligations unaffected.

30:6D-22: Rules and regulations

30:6D-23: Short title

30:6D-24: Division of developmental disabilities established

30:6D-25: "Developmental Disabilities Act" definitions.

30:6D-26: Director; employees

30:6D-27: Duties of director.

30:6D-27.1: Division of Development Disabilities administrators, duties

30:6D-28: Transfers

30:6D-29: References to Division of Mental Retardation

30:6D-30: Eligibility continued.

30:6D-31: Disability after age 22

30:6D-32: Rules, regulations

30:6D-32.1: Findings, declarations relative to community care residential providers.

30:6D-32.2: Agreement between community care residential providers and State.

30:6D-32.3: Construction of act.

30:6D-32.4: Authority of DHS intact.

30:6D-32.5: Construction of act.

30:6D-32.6: Findings, declarations relative to services for persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-32.7: Definitions relative to services for persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-32.8: Collection of information, maintenance of database.

30:6D-32.9: Annual notification to persons receiving services.

30:6D-32.10: Annual publication of report; contents.

30:6D-32.11: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:6D-32.12: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-33: Short title

30:6D-34: Findings, declarations

30:6D-35: Definitions.

30:6D-36: Family Support System

30:6D-37: Administration of system

30:6D-38: Family support planning councils

30:6D-39: Allocation of monies, existing rights, entitlements, services not supplanted

30:6D-40: Services considered State benefit

30:6D-41: Rules, regulations

30:6D-42: Preparation, submission of plan to eliminate waiting list

30:6D-42.1: Federal Medicaid waivers for persons with developmental disabilities; application, determination.

30:6D-42.2: Report issued upon approval of waiver; contents, public hearing.

30:6D-43: Short title.

30:6D-44: Findings, declarations relative to assessment on intermediate care facilities.

30:6D-45: Definitions relative to assessment on immediate care facilities.

30:6D-46: Payment of annual assessment.

30:6D-47: Submission of gross revenue reports.

30:6D-48: Failure to pay assessment; penalty.

30:6D-49: Set-off of reimbursement payment.

30:6D-50: Assessment considered allowable cost for Medicaid reimbursement.

30:6D-51: Division of Development Disabilities Community Placement and Services Fund.

30:6D-52: Portions of act severable.

30:6D-53: Nullification.

30:6D-54: Imposition of health care related fee, assessment, tax prohibited.

30:6D-55: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-56: Short title.

30:6D-57: Findings, declarations relative to autism.

30:6D-58: Definitions relative to autism.

30:6D-58.1: References to Council.

30:6D-59: "Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism.

30:6D-60: Center of Excellence for Autism.

30:6D-61: Duties of council, director.

30:6D-62: Authorizations for appropriations for purposes of the act.

30:6D-62.1: Annual appropriation to Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism.

30:6D-62.2: "Autism Medical Research and Treatment Fund" established.

30:6D-62.3: Findings, declarations relative to Asperger's Syndrome.

30:6D-62.4: Asperger's Syndrome Pilot Initiative established in DHS.

30:6D-63: Definitions relative to criminal history background checks for community agency employees

30:6D-64: Contract with community agency.

30:6D-65: Authorization to exchange data

30:6D-66: Written notice to applicant, employee of record information

30:6D-67: Petition for hearing

30:6D-68: Maintenance of information

30:6D-69: Initiation of background check

30:6D-70: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:6D-71: Rules, regulations.

30:6D-72: Assumption of cost of background checks.

30:6D-73: Findings, declarations relative to persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-74: Definitions relative to persons with developmental disabilities.

30:6D-75: Report of abuse required.

30:6D-76: Actions by department after receiving report.

30:6D-77: Central Registry of Offenders Against Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

30:6D-78: Records of report deemed confidential; exceptions.

30:6D-79: Emergency telephone service.

30:6D-80: Immunity from liability, discrimination.

30:6D-81: Report to Governor, Legislature.

30:6D-82: Rules, regulations, reporting procedures.