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Chapter: 6C - Declaration of policy

30:6C-1: Declaration of policy

30:6C-5: Admission for treatment; application; discharge

30:6C-6: Conviction of certain offenses; probation on voluntary admission to hospital or other facility for care and treatment

30:6C-7: Aftercare treatment; refusal to continue as violation of probation

30:6C-8: Establishment of aftercare clinics; incorporation in statewide drug abuse treatment and counseling clinics

30:6C-9: Habeas corpus; effect of act on use of writ

30:6C-10: Repeals

30:6C-11: Findings, declarations relative to substance abuse recovery assistance.

30:6C-12: Establishment of law enforcement assisted addiction and recovery referral program.

30:6C-13: Participation upon approval by governing body.

30:6C-14: Determination of eligibility for participation.

30:6C-15: Compliance with requirements.

30:6C-16: Immunity from liability.