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Chapter: 1B -

30:1B-1: Short title

30:1B-2: Department of corrections; establishment; department defined

30:1B-3: Findings, declarations relative to purpose of department

30:1B-4: Commissioner of corrections; appointment; term; compensation

30:1B-5: Deputy and assistants; administrative divisions, personnel.

30:1B-6: Powers, duties of commissioner

30:1B-6.1: Short title.

30:1B-6.2: Information provided to inmate prior to release; rules, regulations.

30:1B-6.3: Coordinator for Reentry and Rehabilitation Services.

30:1B-6.4: Notification to inmate of outstanding fines, assessments, warrants, detainers.

30:1B-7: Personal contact with institutions and noninstitutional agencies

30:1B-8: Transfer to Department of Corrections

30:1B-8.1: Name changes

30:1B-8.2: Prohibits use of local governmental unit name

30:1B-8.3: Definitions

30:1B-8.4: Conditions of closing facilities, privatizing services

30:1B-9: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of division of correction and parole, and department and commissioner of institutions and agencies with respe

30:1B-10: Transfer of functions and powers to Department of Corrections, rules, regulations

30:1B-10.1: Provision of mental health services to certain incarcerated persons

30:1B-10.2: Inmate access to drug treatment program; rules, regulations.

30:1B-11: Transfer of functions, powers and duties of department of institutions and agencies with respect to county work and vocational training release progra

30:1B-12: Transfer of appropriations and available moneys

30:1B-13: Transfer of employees

30:1B-14: Preservation of rights of employees

30:1B-15: Special reemployment and layoff rights

30:1B-16: Transfer of files, books, papers, records, equipment and property

30:1B-17: Orders, rules and regulations; continuance after transfer

30:1B-18: Inapplicability of act to actions or proceedings, civil or criminal, of agency involved in transfer or assignment

30:1B-19: Reports, certifications, applications or requests made to agency involved in transfer; filing

30:1B-20: References to division of correction and parole or commissioner or department of institutions and agencies to mean department or commissioner of corre

30:1B-21: Transfer of powers, functions and duties of state board of institutional trustees

30:1B-22: Transfer of state parole board

30:1B-23: Advisory council on corrections

30:1B-24: Rules and regulations

30:1B-25: Salary of commissioner