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Chapter: 8 - Sheriffs and jailers to receive prisoners; penalty

30:8-1: Sheriffs and jailers to receive prisoners; penalty

30:8-2: Federal prisoners received; subsistence and keep

30:8-5: Debtors separated from criminals

30:8-6: Penalty for violations of section 30:8-5

30:8-9: Deputy keepers or wardens; bonds

30:8-10: County jail matrons; appointment, term and compensation

30:8-11: Duties of jail matrons

30:8-12: Sexes separated; female night guards; appointment

30:8-13: Compensation of female guards in counties of the first class

30:8-13.1: Minimum and maximum salaries of guards, keepers, industrial officers and guard orderlies in jails, houses of detention and penitentiaries

30:8-13.1b: Other laws not affected

30:8-13.2: Counties of first class over 800,000; compensation of employees

30:8-13.3: Repeal; effective date of act

30:8-13.4: Counties of first class under 700,000; compensation of employees

30:8-13.5: Grant of tenure of office to corrections officer employed in county jail or penitentiary

30:8-14: Victualing county prisoners

30:8-15: Wardens and physicians for county jails and penitentiaries in counties of first class; terms; vacancies

30:8-15.1: Tenure for warden

30:8-15.2: Wardens reappointed; tenure; removal

30:8-16: Record of prisoners in jails or other penal or reformatory institutions

30:8-16.1: Facilities for therapy for drug addicts during confinement or after discharge; contracts to provide facilities; appropriations and expenditures

30:8-16.2: Facilities for treatment of alcoholics during confinement; appropriations and expenditures

30:8-16.3: Short title

30:8-16.4: Legislative findings and declarations

30:8-16.5: Financial assistance program for county correctional facilities; eligibility of state prisoners for placement; funding

30:8-16.6: Counties; participation; eligibility; placement goals; rules and regulations

30:8-16.7: County corrections advisory board; comprehensive plan; contents; application for assistance

30:8-16.8: Authority of governing body of county

30:8-16.9: Planning grant

30:8-16.10: Amount of financial assistance grant

30:8-16.11: Annual review by commissioner; county books, records, etc.; examination

30:8-16.12: Rules and regulations

30:8-16.13: Ensurance of provision of certain medications.

30:8-17: Sheriff to have custody of jails; exception

30:8-17.1: Keepers or wardens

30:8-18.1: Requirements for corrections officer at county correctional institution

30:8-18.2: Applicability of "45-day" rule for violation of internal rules to county corrections officers.

30:8-19: Resolution of board of chosen freeholders to take over custody of jails; filing; effect

30:8-20: Warden or keeper of county jail; appointment; term; bond; removal

30:8-21: Liability for escape of prisoners under civil arrest when surrendered to jail warden

30:8-22: Persons committed to jails to be delivered to wardens

30:8-23: Rules and regulations; punishments

30:8-24.1: Compensation of jail keepers in certain counties of second and fifth classes

30:8-24.1a: Compensation of jail keepers in second-class counties

30:8-24.1b: Increase of compensation upon recommendation of county sheriff

30:8-24.2: Custody rule, keeping and charge of jails returned to sheriff

30:8-25: County jail prisoners employed by chosen freeholders; guards, etc.

30:8-26: County jail inmates

30:8-27: Payment of wages of prisoner to dependents

30:8-28.4: Compensation in cash or remission of time from sentence or both

30:8-29: Additions to county workhouses; authority of chosen freeholders to establish

30:8-30: Conversion of part of jail into workhouse

30:8-31: Workhouse as part of jail taken over by chosen freeholders; work of prisoners in

30:8-32: Management of workhouse; master and employees; rules and regulations

30:8-33: Prisoners who may be sent to workhouse; hard labor

30:8-34: Cost of keeping prisoners and expense of materials for their labor

30:8-35: Workhouse master to keep prisoners at labor; punishment of prisoners for misconduct

30:8-36: Punishment for escape from workhouse

30:8-37: Records to be kept by workhouse master; proceeds of labor

30:8-38: Penalty for neglect of duty by workhouse master

30:8-39: Joint workhouses

30:8-40: Employment of workhouse and penitentiary prisoners

30:8-41: Rules and regulations for employment of prisoners; guards and attendants; cost of work

30:8-42: Workhouse inmates

30:8-43: Support of dependents

30:8-44: Work release or vocational training of certain prisoners or incarcerated persons.

30:8-44.1: Ineligibility for work release program

30:8-45: Conditions

30:8-46: Employment; reasonable wages and hours; employment by county

30:8-47: Employment in another county

30:8-48: Confinement in jail or workhouse

30:8-48.1: Program for housing in institution or facility operated by nonprofit organization; ordinance or resolution; inmates; eligibility; transfers

30:8-48.2: Contracts; standards

30:8-49: Work release earnings

30:8-50: Diminution of term

30:8-51: Violation of conditions

30:8-52: Segregation from other prisoners

30:8-53: Escape or attempt to escape

30:8-54: Annual appropriation of funds by counties

30:8-55: Use of funds; cash allowances to discharged jail prisoners; contracts with organizations for rehabilitation of indigent discharged jail prisoners

30:8-56: Advisory committee on county aid to released prisoners

30:8-57: County jail, workhouse or penitentiary in wilful and continuous disregard of minimum standards; phased restriction of admission of new inmates; order

30:8-58: Location of inmates within other penal facilities

30:8-59: Payment by county to department of corrections for reassigned inmates

30:8-60: Rules and regulations

30:8-61: Short title

30:8-62: Findings, declarations relative to county rehabilitative programs for juvenile offenders

30:8-63: Definitions relative to juvenile offender rehabilitation programs

30:8-64: Establishment, maintenance of juvenile offender rehabilitation program by counties

30:8-65: Components of juvenile offender rehabilitation program

30:8-66: Admission to juvenile offender program

30:8-67: Noncompliance by juvenile offender

30:8-68: Determination of parole after program completion

30:8-69: Juvenile not relieved from other penalties