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Chapter: 1AA - State Council on Developmental Disabilities, additional powers, duties.

30:1AA-1: State Council on Developmental Disabilities, additional powers, duties.

30:1AA-1.1: Findings, declarations relative to individuals with developmental disabilities.

30:1AA-1.2: Provisions relative to programs, projects, activities declared as public policy.

30:1AA-2: Definition of developmental disability.

30:1AA-3: Membership of council; vacancies; compensation; terms.

30:1AA-4: Qualifications of members.

30:1AA-5: Chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and other officers

30:1AA-6: Executive director; appointment, duties.

30:1AA-7: Rules.

30:1AA-8: Duties of council, staff.

30:1AA-9: Annual report

30:1AA-9.1: Office of the Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and their Families.

30:1AA-9.2: Duties of Ombudsman.

30:1AA-9.3: Annual reports.

30:1AA-10: Findings, declarations.

30:1AA-11: Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities.

30:1AA-12: Director, appointment, powers.

30:1AA-13: Powers, duties of director

30:1AA-14: Office, responsibilities.

30:1AA-15: Governor's council, executive committee.

30:1AA-16: Annual report to Governor, Legislature.

30:1AA-17: Coordination of services

30:1AA-18: Coordination of funding

30:1AA-19: Rules, regulations