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Chapter: 14 - Purpose

30:14-1: Purpose

30:14-2: Title of Act

30:14-3: Department of Human Services; operation of shelters

30:14-4: Advisory Council on Domestic Violence.

30:14-5: Standards for shelters

30:14-6: Commissioner of human services; duties

30:14-6.1: Plan to increase awareness for providers of services for victims of domestic violence of workforce development initiative.

30:14-7: Facilities of shelter

30:14-8: Services of shelter

30:14-9: Services from other agencies

30:14-10: Staff members; bilingual personnel

30:14-11: Funding

30:14-12: Federal funds

30:14-13: Confidentiality for persons seeking shelter services

30:14-13.1: Shelter, domestic violence victims; location, not public record

30:14-14: Minors; release of custody

30:14-15: "Domestic Violence Victims' Fund."

30:14-16: Rules, regulations.