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Chapter: 11D -

32:11D-1: Short title

32:11D-2: Definitions

32:11D-3: Purpose and findings

32:11D-4: Powers of Congress; withdrawal

32:11D-5: Existing agencies; construction

32:11D-6: Duration of compact

32:11D-7: Commission created

32:11D-8: Commission membership

32:11D-9: Alternates

32:11D-10: Compensation

32:11D-11: Voting power

32:11D-12: Organization and procedure

32:11D-13: Jurisdiction of the commission

32:11D-14: Purpose and policy

32:11D-15: Comprehensive plan, program and budgets

32:11D-16: Allocations, diversions and releases

32:11D-17: Supreme Court decree; waivers

32:11D-18: Supreme Court decree; specific limitations on commission

32:11D-19: General powers

32:11D-20: Rates and charges

32:11D-21: Referral and review

32:11D-22: Co-ordination and co-operation

32:11D-23: Advisory committees

32:11D-24: Generally

32:11D-25: Storage and release of waters

32:11D-26: Assessable improvements

32:11D-27: Co-ordination

32:11D-28: Additional powers

32:11D-29: General powers

32:11D-30: Policy and standards

32:11D-31: Co-operative legislation and administration

32:11D-32: Enforcement

32:11D-33: Further jurisdiction

32:11D-34: General powers

32:11D-35: Flood plain zoning

32:11D-36: Flood lands acquisition

32:11D-37: Flood and stream stage warnings and posting

32:11D-38: Watersheds generally

32:11D-39: Soil conservation and forestry

32:11D-40: Fish and wildlife

32:11D-41: Co-operative planning and operation

32:11D-42: Development

32:11D-43: Co-operative planning and operation

32:11D-44: Operation and maintenance

32:11D-45: Concessions

32:11D-46: Development

32:11D-47: Power generation

32:11D-48: Transmission

32:11D-49: Development contracts

32:11D-50: Rates and charges

32:11D-51: Power of regulation

32:11D-52: Determination of protected areas

32:11D-53: Withdrawal permits

32:11D-54: Emergency

32:11D-55: Standards

32:11D-56: Judicial review

32:11D-57: Maintenance of records

32:11D-58: Existing State systems

32:11D-59: Federal agencies and projects

32:11D-60: State and local agencies and projects

32:11D-61: Reserved taxing powers of States

32:11D-62: Project costs and evaluation standards

32:11D-63: Co-operative services

32:11D-64: Borrowing power

32:11D-65: Funds and expenses

32:11D-66: Credit excluded; officers, State and municipal

32:11D-67: Funding and refunding

32:11D-68: Bonds; authorization generally

32:11D-69: Bonds; resolutions and indentures generally

32:11D-70: Maximum maturity

32:11D-71: Tax exemption

32:11D-72: Interest

32:11D-73: Place of payment

32:11D-74: Execution

32:11D-75: Holding own bonds

32:11D-76: Sale

32:11D-77: Negotiability

32:11D-78: Legal investments

32:11D-79: Validation proceedings

32:11D-80: Recording

32:11D-81: Pledged revenues

32:11D-82: Remedies

32:11D-83: Capital financing by signatory parties; guaranties

32:11D-84: Comprehensive plan

32:11D-85: Water resources program

32:11D-86: Annual current expense and capital budgets

32:11D-87: Auxiliary powers of commission; functions of commissioners

32:11D-88: Regulations; enforcement

32:11D-89: Tax exemption

32:11D-90: Meetings; public hearing; records, minutes

32:11D-91: Officers generally

32:11D-92: Oath of office

32:11D-93: Bonds

32:11D-94: Prohibited activities

32:11D-95: Purchasing

32:11D-96: Insurance

32:11D-97: Annual independent audit

32:11D-98: Reports

32:11D-99: Grants, loans or payments by States or political subdivisions

32:11D-100: Condemnation proceedings

32:11D-101: Conveyance of lands and relocation of public facilities

32:11D-102: Rights of way

32:11D-103: Penal sanction

32:11D-104: Tort liability

32:11D-105: Effect on riparian rights

32:11D-106: Amendments and supplements

32:11D-107: Construction and severability

32:11D-108: Effective date; execution

32:11D-109: Repealer

32:11D-110: Effectuation by chief executive

32:11D-111: Transfer of powers and duties of Interstate Commission on Delaware River Basin to Delaware River Basin Commission

32:11D-112: Transfer of records, funds and properties

32:11D-113: Unexpended balances, other assets, contracts, projects, etc.; transfer, use, application and administration

32:11D-114: Repealer

32:11D-115: Effective date