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Chapter: 1
Chapter: 2 Terms defined
Chapter: 3 Preamble; agreement
Chapter: 3A Payment of salary or wages of employees injured in performance of duty
Chapter: 4 Delaware River Port Authority police officers
Chapter: 4A Vehicles exempt from toll charges
Chapter: 5 Construction of subway and rail system connecting with bridge
Chapter: 5A Commission directed to promote increased commerce on Delaware river
Chapter: 6 Payment into general treasury fund of moneys received from Delaware River Joint Commission
Chapter: 7 Original issue of 1920
Chapter: 8 Preamble; agreement
Chapter: 9 Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission, New Jersey membership; appointment, terms
Chapter: 9A Property no longer needed for joint State-owned bridges across Delaware river
Chapter: 10 Appointment of bridge police; oath
Chapter: 10A Exemptions
Chapter: 11 Construction and maintenance of free bridges by "joint commission"
Chapter: 11AA Compact authorized; preamble
Chapter: 11B State Highway Commissioner authorized to accept title to lands for terminus and approach to crossing
Chapter: 11C Easements, streets, roads or highways; use or taking of property of municipality by condemnation
Chapter: 11D
Chapter: 11E Delaware-New Jersey Compact
Chapter: 12 Joint construction of bridge or tunnel
Chapter: 13 Preliminary surveys and estimates; appropriation
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 14 Findings, declarations relative to Palisades Interstate Park Commission
Chapter: 15 Authority conferred upon park commission
Chapter: 16 Parkway authorized; location; aid from federal government; acquisition of lands by gift, purchase or condemnation
Chapter: 17 Commissioners authorized to enter into compact
Chapter: 18 Appointment of commissioners; preamble
Chapter: 19 Appointment of commissioners to Interstate Environmental Commission.
Chapter: 19A Additional authority of commission.
Chapter: 20 Interstate compact; preamble
Chapter: 20A
Chapter: 20B
Chapter: 21 Governor authorized to execute Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact; form
Chapter: 22 Metropolitan Rapid Transit Commission created; functions
Chapter: 22B Tri-State Transportation Compact
Chapter: 23 Compact
Chapter: 24 Forest fire protection compact
Chapter: 25
Chapter: 26 Findings and purposes
Chapter: 27
Chapter: 30 Compact
Chapter: 31
Chapter: 32 Findings, determinations
Chapter: 33 Findings and declaration of policy
Chapter: 35