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Chapter: 14 - Findings, declarations relative to Palisades Interstate Park Commission

32:14-1.1: Findings, declarations relative to Palisades Interstate Park Commission

32:14-1.2: Definitions

32:14-1.3: Park commission continued and allocated within department of environmental protection

32:14-1.4: Annual budget request and request for funding of capital projects

32:14-1.5: Eligibility of projects for funding under Green Acres Bond Acts; coordination of planning

32:14-1.6: Legal services; provision by Attorney General; assistance of other government agencies

32:14-1.7: Inclusion of areas or facilities in trails, natural areas or wild and rivers systems or register of historic places; determination

32:14-1.8: Studies and evaluation

32:14-1.9: Citizens advisory council

32:14-1.10: Reexamination of titles and salary ranges of employees

32:14-1.11: Annual report

32:14-1.12: Transfers in accordance with State Agency Transfer Act

32:14-3: Office of commission; maps and records

32:14-4: Interstate park employees

32:14-4.1: Chief of police; appointment; qualifications; compensation

32:14-4.2: Removal

32:14-4.3: Appointment of superintendent, assistant superintendent

32:14-4.4: Removal; process

32:14-5: Lands included in, purpose of park; authority to acquire.

32:14-6: Methods of acquiring lands; conveyances

32:14-7: Gifts, contributions or bequests; power to purchase, sell or lease

32:14-13: Preservation, care and protection of property

32:14-14: Roads and ways in and to park

32:14-15: Continuity of park with New York park

32:14-16: Access to lands not in park upon and across park lands

32:14-17: Use of park lands by municipalities for pipe lines and public sewage and drainage outlets

32:14-18: Grants of lands to port authority for bridge purposes

32:14-20: Operation and use of facilities of park; licenses, privileges or franchises; rules and regulations; violations.

32:14-21: Park patrolmen; number; appointment; uniforms; powers, duties and liabilities; compensation

32:14-22: "Court of Palisades Interstate Park."

32:14-23: Jurisdiction of Court of Palisades Interstate Park.

32:14-24: Locations of court.

32:14-25: Judges of court; appointment; terms; powers.

32:14-26: Per diem of judges of court.

32:14-29: Expenditures of commission

32:14-30: Park health district created; powers of commission