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Chapter: 11E - Delaware-New Jersey Compact

32:11E-1: Delaware-New Jersey Compact

32:11E-1.1: Public hearing required for Delaware River and Bay Authority project approval

32:11E-1.2: Delaware Memorial Bridge toll increases regulated

32:11E-1.3: Modifications of Delaware-New Jersey Compact; consent, approval

32:11E-1.4: Delaware River and Bay Authority, project authorized

32:11E-1.5: Construction of sports stadium in North Wildwood authorized

32:11E-1.6: Police officer's power of arrest; immunities; benefits

32:11E-1.7: Millville Airport Utility; property lease, operation, authorized.

32:11E-1.8: Authorization for corporate/business/industrial park.

32:11E-1.9: Authorization for Renewable Energy and Agribusiness Park

32:11E-1.10: Adoption of revised policies relative to open public records, meetings

32:11E-1.11: Project in Gloucester County, certain, authorized.

32:11E-2: Appointment of commissioners

32:11E-3: Effective date of compact; computation of terms of commissioners

32:11E-4: Status of commissioners

32:11E-5: Reimbursement of expenses

32:11E-6: Delivery of copy of minutes; cancellation or approval of vote; statement of governor

32:11E-7: Annual audit; distribution of copies

32:11E-8: Authority as agent of Delaware and New Jersey

32:11E-9: Authority as successor of Delaware Interstate Highway Division

32:11E-10: Audit and accounting; operation and control of bridge; assumption of obligations

32:11E-11: Severability of act

32:11E-12: Effective date