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Chapter: 2 - Terms defined

32:2-1: Terms defined

32:2-2: Six commissioners from New Jersey

32:2-3: Appointment; terms; vacancies

32:2-4: Continuance in office until successor appointed

32:2-5: Removal

32:2-6: Transmittal of minutes to governor

32:2-7: Return of minutes by governor; effect of failure to return minutes

32:2-8: Fixing of tolls not affected

32:2-9: Veto to nullify action of commissioners

32:2-10: Map, entry upon land to make

32:2-11: Port Authority may take possession upon filing complaint and map

32:2-12: Deposit of assessed valuation with clerk of Superior Court; payment by clerk

32:2-13: Payment to clerk when only part of property is taken; effect of payments by clerk

32:2-15: Acquiring property by agreement during pendency of condemnation proceedings

32:2-16: Intention and construction of article

32:2-17: Definitions

32:2-18: Determination that property is required for public use

32:2-19: Condemnation

32:2-20: Consent to taking of certain property necessary; bonded indebtedness and sinking funds not impaired

32:2-21: Acquiring property by agreement; authority to convey

32:2-22: Entry on lands

32:2-23: Little Basin and Morris canal property not affected

32:2-23.1: Port of New York Authority; motor bus terminal; financing

32:2-23.2: Bonds of Port Authority; legal investments

32:2-23.3: Declaration of policy

32:2-23.4: Port Authority; powers

32:2-23.5: Effective date

32:2-23.6: Policy

32:2-23.7: Authorization to construct and operate bridge; approaches and connections

32:2-23.8: Definitions

32:2-23.9: Agreement with Triborough Authority; unified operation; consent to certain suits, actions or proceedings

32:2-23.10: Pledging of funds

32:2-23.11: Power of Port Authority to levy and collect tolls not to be diminished or impaired; construction of other bridges and tunnels prohibited

32:2-23.12: Bonds as legal investment

32:2-23.13: Acquisition of real property

32:2-23.14: Acquisition or use of property owned by City or State of New York

32:2-23.15: Authorization of entry to make surveys, maps, etc.

32:2-23.16: Bridge as public purpose

32:2-23.17: No taxes or assessments

32:2-23.18: Continuing powers; other property and operations not to be construed as other than for public purpose

32:2-23.19: Liberal construction

32:2-23.20: Purchase and rental of railroad cars by Port of New York Authority

32:2-23.21: Definitions

32:2-23.22: Powers and duties of Port Authority

32:2-23.23: Declaration of policy; public purposes

32:2-23.24: Bonds and other evidences of indebtedness; authorized investments; negotiable instruments; use of rental proceeds

32:2-23.25: Taxation of railroad cars; prohibition

32:2-23.26: Effective date

32:2-23.27: Legislative findings and determinations

32:2-23.28: Definitions

32:2-23.29: Acquisition, development, financing and transfer of buses and ancillary bus facilities; use of buses, etc.; location

32:2-23.29a: Passenger mass transportation capital projects; capital funds; increase

32:2-23.30: Conditions of lease, sale, transfer, or other disposition of buses and ancillary bus facilities

32:2-23.31: Indemnification; duties of lessees; use of revenues or other funds

32:2-23.32: Capital expenditures; financing

32:2-23.33: Cooperation and agreements with federal, state and local governments, agencies, etc.

32:2-23.34: Cooperation and agreements with Port Authority by state and local governments, agencies, etc.

32:2-23.35: Consent of municipalities, agencies, etc.; authorizations by governor

32:2-23.36: Exemption from taxation

32:2-23.37: Jurisdiction over Port Authority

32:2-23.38: Public purposes

32:2-23.39: Construction of public purposes, tax exemption and discretion of Port Authority

32:2-23.40: Agreement supplementary to compact; construction of act

32:2-23.41: Separability of provisions

32:2-23.42: Effective date

32:2-24: Freight and steamship bonds as legal investments

32:2-24.1: General and refunding bonds as legal investments

32:2-24.2: "Series F and FF Bonds" and "bonds issued to refund Series F and FF Bonds" defined

32:2-24.3: Bonds issued to refund Series F and FF Bonds as legal investments

32:2-25: Arrests without warrant; additional powers

32:2-26: Claims, etc., released and discharged upon payment of $500,000 by port authority to New Jersey

32:2-27: Acts listed

32:2-28: Sale of real property; procedure

32:2-31: Auditing officials authorized to examine accounts

32:2-32: Reports to Governors

32:2-33: Effective date

32:2-34: Definitions

32:2-35: Cost agreements

32:2-36: Bonds as legal investment

32:2-37: Definitions relative to airport employment restrictions; criminal history record checks

32:2-307: "Constitution Week," September 17 through September 23; designated.

32:2-308: Annual observance.