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Chapter: 18 - Appointment of commissioners; preamble

32:18-1: Appointment of commissioners; preamble

32:18-2: Co-operation pledged; purposes to be accomplished

32:18-3: Interstate environmental district created; boundaries.

32:18-4: Interstate Environmental Commission created.

32:18-5: Commissioners; appointment and removal

32:18-6: Organization of commission; assistants; seal; rules; offices; quorum; reports and recommendations; pledging credit of state

32:18-7: No single standard of purity; classification of waters of district

32:18-8: Discharge of sewage; conditions and restrictions enumerated

32:18-9: Sanitary condition of tributary streams; Hudson river

32:18-10: Additional conditions and restrictions

32:18-11: Municipal sewage; treatment required

32:18-12: Enforcement of compact pledged; commission to compel enforcement

32:18-13: Co-operation with existing agencies; adoption of general plan; Passaic valley sewerage system

32:18-14: Definitions.

32:18-14.1: References to Sanitation Commission deemed to refer to Environmental Commission.

32:18-15: Annual appropriations; apportionment between states

32:18-16: Constitutionality of compact

32:18-17: When compact to become effective; proviso as to Connecticut

32:18-18: Pending actions unaffected

32:18-19: Compact binding

32:18-20: Vacancies among New Jersey commissioners

32:18-21: Consent of congress

32:18-23: Other standards of purity and classifications of waters