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Chapter: 8 - Preamble; agreement

32:8-1: Preamble; agreement

32:8-2: Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

32:8-3: Powers of commission

32:8-3.1: Supplemental compact to have force of statute upon its signature

32:8-3.2: Consent and approval of Congress

32:8-3.3: Partial invalidity

32:8-3.4: Effective date

32:8-3.5: Findings, declarations

32:8-3.6: Equal opportunity employment; awarding of contracts.

32:8-3.7: Hiring practice policy

32:8-3.8: Findings, declarations

32:8-3.9: Operating rules, procedures; competitive purchasing

32:8-4: Condemnation of real property; entry upon lands; municipal consents and conveyances; "real property" defined

32:8-5: Pledging credit of states, counties or municipalities prohibited

32:8-6: Rules and regulations; tolls; pledging revenues

32:8-7: Powers of commission not to be impaired; restriction on additional bridge or tunnel

32:8-8: Bonds of commission as legal investments

32:8-9: Property and securities of commission tax-exempt

32:8-10: Annual reports, audits

32:8-11: Amendment of agreement authorized; preamble; power of commission

32:8-11.1: Effect of supplemental compact upon signature; filing of copy

32:8-11.2: Consent of Congress

32:8-11.3: State Highway Department defined

32:8-11.4: Act not repealed; compact pursuant thereto not affected

32:8-11.5: Partial invalidity; severability

32:8-11.6: Effective date

32:8-12: Compact to have force and effect of statute

32:8-13: Appropriation; return; disbursement

32:8-14: Concurrent legislation by Pennsylvania

32:8-15: Tolls on free bridges not authorized

32:8-15.6: Minutes delivery; actions taking effect

32:8-15.7: Return of minutes

32:8-15.8: Governor's veto of minutes

32:8-16: Repeal of certain laws

32:8-17: New Delaware River bridge authorized

32:8-18: Agreement binding

32:8-19: Congressional consent

32:8-20: Easton - Phillipsburg bridge

32:8-21: Financial assistance

32:8-22: Powers of commission

32:8-23: Toll authorization required

32:8-24: Findings, declarations

32:8-25: Definitions

32:8-26: Public meetings; notice

32:8-27: Minutes; public meeting information officer, appointed

32:8-28: Rules, regulations in minutes

32:8-29: Appeals

32:8-30: Violations; removal from office