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Chapter: 3 - Preamble; agreement

32:3-1: Preamble; agreement

32:3-2: Delaware River Port Authority, purposes, functions

32:3-3: Commissioners, terms, vacancies

32:3-4: Commissioners as board; duties; quorum; gubernatorial veto of minutes

32:3-4.5: Findings, declarations

32:3-4.6: Definitions

32:3-4.7: Public meetings; rules, regulations

32:3-4.8: Minutes of meetings; information officer

32:3-4.9: Rules, regulations, approval

32:3-4.10: Appeal for denial of rights

32:3-4.11: Removal from office

32:3-4a: Minutes delivered to Governor

32:3-4b: Minutes returned

32:3-4c: Effect of veto

32:3-5: Powers of commission.

32:3-5.1: Governor authorized to enter into supplemental compact agreement.

32:3-5.2: Application to Congress for consent and approval.

32:3-6: Condemnation of real property; entry upon lands; municipal consent; "real property" defined

32:3-7: Control and operation of bridge; amount and method of payments to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia

32:3-8: Pledging credit or creating debt of states, counties or municipalities prohibited

32:3-9: Rules and regulations; tolls; pledging of revenues

32:3-10: Power of commission not to be impaired; restriction on additional bridge or tunnel

32:3-11: Bonds of commission as legal investments

32:3-12: Bonds and other securities of commission tax exempt; agreements for payment of sums in lieu of taxes

32:3-13: Annual reports, audits, master plan, additional powers

32:3-13.12: Supplemental compact authorized; additional powers and duties of commission

32:3-13.13: Force and effect of supplemental compact

32:3-13.14: Consent of Congress

32:3-13.15: Powers vested are in addition to powers previously vested

32:3-13.16: Repeal

32:3-13.17: State Highway Department defined

32:3-13.18: Agreement authorized by 1931 act effective except where amended or repealed

32:3-13.19: Repeal of specific laws

32:3-13.20: Act of 1934 and its amendments or supplements and agreements made pursuant thereto not affected

32:3-13.21: Partial invalidity; severability

32:3-13.22: Effective date

32:3-13.23: Definitions

32:3-13.24: Force and effect of supplemental compact

32:3-13.25: Consent of Congress

32:3-13.26: Existing contracts, obligations or appointments not affected

32:3-13.27: Powers vested are in addition to powers previously vested in Commission

32:3-13.28: Repeal

32:3-13.29: State Highway Department defined

32:3-13.30: Agreement authorized by 1931 act maintained except where amended or repealed

32:3-13.31: Repeal of specific acts

32:3-13.32: Act of 1934 and its amendments or supplements and agreements made pursuant thereto not affected

32:3-13.33: Partial invalidity; severability

32:3-13.34: Effective date

32:3-13.35: Additional purposes, powers and duties

32:3-13.36: Legislative authority or approval

32:3-13.37: Construction, operation and maintenance of bridge in accordance with agreement

32:3-13.38: Consent and approval of Congress

32:3-13.39: Cumulative nature of powers vested in Port Authority

32:3-13.40: Repeal of conflicting laws

32:3-13.41: Effective date

32:3-13.42: Additional purposes and powers and duties of commission

32:3-13.43: Force and effect of supplemental compact

32:3-13.44: Consent of Congress

32:3-13.45: Powers vested as additional to powers previously vested

32:3-13.46: State Highway Department defined

32:3-13.47: Agreement authorized by 1931 and 1951 acts effective except where amended or repealed

32:3-13.48: Partial invalidity; severability

32:3-13.49: Effective date

32:3-13.50: Construction; operation and maintenance of new toll bridge for vehicular traffic

32:3-13.51: Additional powers; acquisition of property; regulations for installation, maintenance, etc., of public utility works

32:3-13.52: "Property" defined

32:3-13.53: Entry upon lands

32:3-13.54: Additional tax exemption; property and its transfer or use

32:3-13.55: Consent to location and general plans of approaches and highway connections

32:3-13.56: Tolls, rates and charges; use of funds

32:3-13.57: Pledge of credit of state or municipality prohibited

32:3-13.58: Powers as additional

32:3-13.59: Delaware River Port Authority; continuation of compact provisions

32:3-13.60: Severability

32:3-13.61: Effective date

32:3-14: Compact to have force and effect of statute

32:3-15: Congressional consent to compact

32:3-16: Appropriation

32:3-17: Concurrent legislation by Pennsylvania

32:3-18: Repealer