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Chapter: 23 - Compact

32:23-1: Compact

32:23-2: Conditions of employment

32:23-3: Public loader system condemned

32:23-4: Lack of regulation of occupation of stevedores

32:23-5: Regulation of occupations of longshoremen, stevedores, pier superintendents, hiring agents and port watchmen deemed exercise of police power

32:23-6: Definitions.

32:23-7: Waterfront and airport commission of New York and New Jersey created

32:23-8: Membership of commission; appointment; terms; vacancies

32:23-9: Quorum; majority vote required; designation of substitute; chairman

32:23-10: General powers.

32:23-11: Exercise of powers by officers, employees and agents; additional powers

32:23-12: License to act as pier superintendent or hiring agent

32:23-13: Application for license

32:23-14: Qualifications for license; persons convicted of certain crimes ineligible.

32:23-15: Issuance of license; temporary permit

32:23-16: Licensee to act for one employer

32:23-17: Duration of license

32:23-18: Revocation or suspension of license.

32:23-19: Stevedore must obtain license

32:23-20: Application for license

32:23-21: Qualifications for license; persons convicted of certain crimes ineligible

32:23-22: Issuance of license; temporary permit

32:23-23: Duration of license; renewal

32:23-23.1: Term of stevedore's license

32:23-24: Revocation or suspension of license

32:23-25: Findings and declarations

32:23-26: Persons who may load or unload waterborne freight for compensation

32:23-27: Longshoremen's register

32:23-28: Written statement required

32:23-29: Grounds for denial of application for inclusion in register

32:23-30: Inclusion in register; temporary registration

32:23-31: Reprimand or removal of longshoreman from register

32:23-32: Recovery of card upon removal from register

32:23-33: Rights of labor not limited

32:23-34: Removal from register of names of longshoremen not working or applying for employment

32:23-35: Minimum number of days of application for employment to be established

32:23-36: Standards to be observed in establishing minimum period

32:23-37: Reinstatement after removal from register

32:23-38: Registration on temporary basis for emergency needs

32:23-39: License required

32:23-40: Application for license

32:23-41: Qualifications for license; persons convicted of certain offenses ineligible

32:23-42: Issuance of license; temporary permit

32:23-43: Duration of license; renewal

32:23-43.1: Indefinite validity of licenses

32:23-44: Revocation or suspension of license

32:23-44.1: Cancellation

32:23-45: Notice and opportunity for hearing on applications

32:23-46: Manner of denial, revocation, cancellation or suspension of license or registration

32:23-47: Institution of proceedings to revoke, cancel or suspend license or registration; hearing

32:23-48: Temporary suspension of license or registration

32:23-49: Subpoenas, issuance of; evidence; procedure.

32:23-50: Action to be taken upon findings and determination

32:23-51: Judicial review

32:23-52: Findings and declarations regarding method of employment known as "shape-up"

32:23-53: Employment information centers; establishment; employment through

32:23-54: Information to be furnished by employers

32:23-55: Wage payments; cashing checks

32:23-56: Provisions for expenses

32:23-57: Budget of expenses

32:23-58: Assessment of expenses upon employers

32:23-59: Annual appropriations

32:23-60: Collection and auditing of assessments

32:23-61: Assessment to be in lieu of other charges

32:23-62: Failure of witness to attend or give testimony

32:23-63: False testimony or false reports; punishment

32:23-64: Violation or conspiracy to violate provisions of compact

32:23-65: Interference with registration of longshoremen

32:23-66: Intimidation, punishment

32:23-67: Proof of violations

32:23-68: Certain rights of employees not limited by compact

32:23-69: Collective bargaining rights not limited

32:23-70: Amendments and supplements

32:23-71: Partial invalidity of compact or application thereof

32:23-72: Liberal construction

32:23-73: Short title of compact

32:23-74: Expenses of administration

32:23-75: Officers and employees

32:23-75.1: Transferees; credit for prior service

32:23-76: Penalties

32:23-77: Federal funds

32:23-77.1: Supplementary definitions

32:23-77.2: Liberal construction; powers supplemental and not limitation

32:23-77.3: Effective date of act

32:23-78: Commission established for New Jersey

32:23-79: Prohibition against loitering

32:23-80: Collection of funds for unions having officers, agents or employees who have been convicted of certain crimes and offenses

32:23-80.1: Exception for certain employees

32:23-80.2: Prohibition and injunctive relief against the holding of union office or position by officers, agents or employees who have been convicted of certain

32:23-81: Appropriation

32:23-82: Short title

32:23-83: Separability of act

32:23-84: Effective date

32:23-85: Supplementary definitions

32:23-86: Additional powers of the commission.

32:23-87: Regularization of longshoremen's employment

32:23-88: Additional violations

32:23-89: Civil penalties

32:23-90: Civil enforcement

32:23-91: Hearings

32:23-92: Denial of applications; definitions.

32:23-93: Revocation, suspension of licenses and registrations; definitions.

32:23-94: Removal of port watchmen's ineligibility

32:23-95: Petition for order to remove an ineligibility

32:23-96: Construction of statute

32:23-97: Acts, liabilities, etc., not impaired

32:23-98: Time of taking effect

32:23-99: Denial of stevedore applications

32:23-100: Exemption from arrest and service of process

32:23-101: Separability of act

32:23-102: Act as agreement; construction

32:23-103: Prior acts unaffected

32:23-104: Effective date

32:23-105: Checkers.

32:23-105.1: Implementation of telecommunications hiring system for longshoremen and checkers and registration of telecommunications system controllers

32:23-105.2: Severability

32:23-105.3: Liberal construction

32:23-106: Separability of act

32:23-107: Liberal construction

32:23-108: Time of taking effect

32:23-109: Supplementary violations

32:23-110: Construction of act

32:23-111: Severability

32:23-112: Act as agreement supplementing compact

32:23-113: Effective date

32:23-114: Longshoremen's register.

32:23-115: Partial invalidity

32:23-116: Construction

32:23-117: Effective date

32:23-118: Temporary suspension of permits, licenses and registrations for indictment or other charge of crime.

32:23-119: Severability

32:23-120: Liberal construction

32:23-121: Effective date

32:23-150: Criminal infiltration of air freight industry

32:23-151: Public interest; exercise of police power

32:23-152: Definitions

32:23-153: General powers

32:23-154: Necessity of license

32:23-155: Application

32:23-156: Denial of application; ineligibility of persons convicted of certain crimes

32:23-157: Issuance of license

32:23-158: Reprimand of licensees; revocation or suspension of license; grounds

32:23-159: Duration of license; renewal

32:23-160: License requirement

32:23-161: Application for license

32:23-162: Qualifications for license

32:23-163: Issuance of license

32:23-164: Reprimand of licensees; revocation or suspension of license

32:23-165: Duration of license; renewal

32:23-166: Designation; license to enter

32:23-167: Occasional entrance; permit

32:23-168: Regular entrance; permit

32:23-169: Inspection of vehicles

32:23-170: Application of article to flight personnel

32:23-171: Notice and opportunity for hearing on application

32:23-172: Manner of denial, revocation or suspension of license or permit

32:23-173: Institution of proceedings to revoke or suspend license or permit; hearing

32:23-174: Temporary suspension of license or permit

32:23-175: Issuance of subpoenas; evidence; procedure

32:23-176: Action upon findings and determinations

32:23-177: Judicial review

32:23-178: Right to counsel

32:23-179: Reopening of hearing

32:23-180: Budget of expenses

32:23-181: Obtaining funds; fees and assessments upon employers

32:23-182: License and permit fees

32:23-183: Computation of assessment

32:23-184: Annual appropriations

32:23-185: Assessments and fees in lieu of other charges

32:23-186: Nonpayment of assessment or fee; revocation or suspension of license or permit

32:23-187: Returns

32:23-188: Record of employment of licensed persons

32:23-189: Audit; deficiency; hearing; judicial review

32:23-190: Time for payment of fee; proration of fee; refund

32:23-191: Enforcement of payment

32:23-192: Service of process upon nonresident; appointment of secretary of state as agent

32:23-193: Refund of erroneous payment

32:23-194: Rules and regulations

32:23-195: Wilful failure to pay assessment or fee; interest and penalties

32:23-196: Wilfully furnishing false or fraudulent information; penalty

32:23-197: Deposit of funds; security for deposits; withdrawal

32:23-198: Examination and audit of books

32:23-199: Reimbursement for funds advanced

32:23-200: Failure of witness to attend or give testimony

32:23-201: False testimony or false reports; penalty

32:23-202: Violation or conspiracy to violate provisions of compact

32:23-203: Interference with licensing

32:23-204: Intimidation

32:23-205: Violations; penalty

32:23-206: Proof of single act or attempt

32:23-207: Amendments and supplements

32:23-208: Partial invalidity

32:23-209: Liberal construction

32:23-210: Short title

32:23-211: Prohibition against unions having officers, agents or employees who have been convicted of certain crimes and offenses

32:23-212: Prohibition against employer organizations having officers, agents or employees who have been convicted of certain crimes and offenses

32:23-213: Exceptions to sections 32:23-211, 32:23-212, for certain employees

32:23-214: Civil penalties

32:23-215: Civil enforcement

32:23-216: Exemption from arrest and service of process

32:23-217: Nonresident witnesses

32:23-218: Officers and employees

32:23-219: Penalties

32:23-220: Appropriation

32:23-221: Short title

32:23-222: Partial invalidity

32:23-223: Liberal construction

32:23-224: Repealer

32:23-225: Effective date

32:23-226: Definitions relative to cargo facility charges.

32:23-227: Cargo facility charges not assessed, certain circumstances.

32:23-228: Effective date.

32:23-229: Findings, declarations.

32:23-230: Withdrawal from compact.