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Chapter: 20 - Interstate compact; preamble

32:20-1: Interstate compact; preamble

32:20-2: Interstate co-operation in pollution control and correction

32:20-3: Division of interstate Delaware river into zones

32:20-4: Treatment of sewage and industrial wastes; minimum requirements of effluents

32:20-4.1: Termination of state participation in interstate commission

32:20-5: Delaware River basin declared component part of interstate region for intergovernmental cooperation; Delaware River Basin Commission, establishment

32:20-6: Reciprocal agreement ratified; superseding other laws and regulations

32:20-7: Department of Health empowered to apply provisions of reciprocal agreement

32:20-8: Department of Health authorized to cooperate with Delaware River Basin Commission

32:20-9: Reciprocal agreement effective when

32:20-10: Inapplicable to Delaware and Raritan canal or its feeders

32:20-34: Storage dam across Delaware river; authority conferred upon Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

32:20-35: Cost of construction and maintenance of dam; diversion of water by county of Sussex

32:20-36: Fishing and recreation at reservoir

32:20-37: Plans and specifications to be filed

32:20-38: Withdrawal of water by State of New Jersey

32:20-39: Diversion dam authorized

32:20-40: Acquisition of property in New Jersey for project authorized; cost; deposit required

32:20-41: Compensation for property taken; condemnation of number of parcels in single proceeding

32:20-42: Declaration of taking of property

32:20-43: Deposit of estimated compensation; special trust fund

32:20-44: Time of possession and use of property described in declaration of taking

32:20-45: Notice of filing of declaration and making of deposit; service upon parties in interest; order for payment of money deposited to parties entitled ther

32:20-46: Payment of condemnation award into Superior Court; distribution; abandonment of proceeding

32:20-47: Payments to municipalities in lieu of tax revenue lost as result of taking of property for public use

32:20-48: Administration of act

32:20-49: Procedure for condemnation of lands; title to be acquired by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

32:20-50: Volume of water which may be diverted by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; determination

32:20-51: Compact of 1783 revoked in part, subject to concurrence of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

32:20-52: Effective date