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Chapter: 1 - Department constituted a principal department in executive branch

4:1-1: Department constituted a principal department in executive branch

4:1-2: Personnel of department

4:1-3: Offices and equipment

4:1-4: Membership; terms; expenses

4:1-4.1: Removal; members; secretary

4:1-5: Annual convention to elect members

4:1-6: Agricultural convention delegates.

4:1-7: Vacancies

4:1-8: Certification to governor of names of members elect

4:1-9: President and vice-president of board

4:1-10: Secretary and assistant secretary of board

4:1-11: Rules for control of department

4:1-11.1: Rules, regulations

4:1-11.2: Rules, regulations.

4:1-12: Assignment of functions and duties; supervision

4:1-13: Appointment and compensation of officers and employees

4:1-14: Annual report by board to legislature

4:1-15: Appointment; functions in general

4:1-16: Powers and duties respecting employees and as secretary of board

4:1-17: Creation and functions

4:1-18: Authority and duties of directors of divisions

4:1-19: Annual reports by chiefs to secretary

4:1-20: Ascertainment and dissemination of information

4:1-20.1: Reciprocal agreements with other states covering shipments of nursery stock

4:1-20.2: Information published on Department of Agriculture website.

4:1-20.3: Internet page for "New Jersey Gleaning Week" and "Farmers Against Hunger Day."

4:1-21: Arrangement of farmers' meetings, children's contests, and premiums for products

4:1-21.1: Food production program; award to schools whose students participate

4:1-21.2: Rules and regulations

4:1-21.3: Appropriation

4:1-21.4: Effective date

4:1-21.5: Powers of department; quarantines

4:1-21.6: Cooperation with other agencies

4:1-21.7: Rules and regulations regarding seeds, tubers, grass sod, grass sod plugs, and grass stolons

4:1-21.8: Inspection, grading and certification of seeds and tubers

4:1-21.9: Fees for inspection, grading and certification

4:1-21.10: Approval of firms desiring to cooperate with State Board

4:1-21.11: Offering and exposing seeds, tubers, grass sod, grass sod plugs, and grass stolons for sale

4:1-21.12: Debts incurred by, damage inflicted or contracts broken by cooperating firms

4:1-21.13: Violations

4:1-21.14: Withholding certification

4:1-21.15: Reduction of population of certain species of blackbirds

4:1-21.16: Co-operation with state and federal agencies

4:1-22: Acceptance and control of donations or bequests

4:1-22.1: Federal grants

4:1-22.2: Grants, awards for agricultural promotion

4:1-23: Courts authorized to grant writs and orders

4:1-24: Division of dairy industry established; director

4:1-25: Powers and duties of director of milk control transferred

4:1-26: Personnel; compensation; duties

4:1-27: Transfer of employees from Milk Control Board

4:1-28: Civil service, pension and retirement rights not affected

4:1-29: Milk Control Board and existing office of director of milk control abolished

4:1-30: Appropriations, records and property transferred

4:1-31: Orders, rules and regulations

4:1-32: "Director of Milk Control" or "Director of the Office of Milk Industry" in laws, contracts or documents

4:1-33: Pending actions or proceedings; orders or recommendations

4:1-34: Appeal

4:1-35: Stay of rule or order

4:1-36: Record on appeal

4:1-37: Additional evidence on appeal; modification of decision by director

4:1-38: Conduct of appeal; disposition on appeal

4:1-39: Repeal

4:1-40: Short title

4:1-41: Effective date

4:1-42: Establishment; appointment of State Chemist; employees

4:1-43: Powers and duties

4:1-43.1: Transfer and civil service status of employees of chemist and seed analyst of New Jersey agricultural experiment station

4:1-44: Establishment; appointment of State Seed Analyst; employees

4:1-45: Powers and duties

4:1-46: Legislative findings

4:1-47: Coordinator of agricultural development; appointment; powers and duties; term of office; compensation