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Chapter: 1 Department constituted a principal department in executive branch
Chapter: 1A Reimbursement for expenses
Chapter: 1B
Chapter: 1C
Chapter: 2 Fur farming; supervision and control
Chapter: 2A
Chapter: 3 Annual educational program and exhibits
Chapter: 4
Chapter: 5 Declaring epidemic; quarantine; serums; other preventive measures
Chapter: 5A
Chapter: 6
Chapter: 7 Determining existence; declaring epidemics; quarantine
Chapter: 8
Chapter: 8B
Chapter: 9
Chapter: 10
Chapter: 11
Chapter: 12
Chapter: 12A
Chapter: 13
Chapter: 14 Department to encourage formation
Chapter: 15 "Association" defined
Chapter: 16 Station continued
Chapter: 17 Trespass; enforcement
Chapter: 18A Funds held by United States as trustee in behalf of New Jersey Rural Rehabilitation Corporation; receipt from Federal officials
Chapter: 19 Annual dog taxes
Chapter: 19A Program; purpose
Chapter: 20 Sufficiency of fences in general
Chapter: 21 Right to impound animals running at large
Chapter: 21B Establishment and operation to provide services for alteration of reproductive capacity; ordinance; fees
Chapter: 22
Chapter: 22A
Chapter: 23 Penalties to which article applies
Chapter: 24 Legislative policy declared
Chapter: 27