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Chapter: 7 - Determining existence; declaring epidemics; quarantine

4:7-1: Determining existence; declaring epidemics; quarantine

4:7-2: Diseases and insects not designated in statutes

4:7-3: Penalty for violating orders of board

4:7-4: "Department" defined

4:7-5: Importation or distribution of infested plants

4:7-6: Keeping or distribution of plant material after notice of infestation

4:7-7: Examination of nurseries and other establishments

4:7-8: Treatment or destruction of diseased or suspected plants; prohibiting shipment

4:7-9: Notices and orders by department and service thereof

4:7-10: Notice to department of importation of plant material

4:7-11: Inspection of imported plant material

4:7-12: Issuance to prospective shippers of certificates of freedom from disease

4:7-13: Right of entry to inspect; interference with inspectors

4:7-14: Penalty for violation, recovery

4:7-14.1: Disease public nuisance

4:7-14.2: Control by state board of agriculture

4:7-14.3: Right of entry

4:7-14.4: No damages awarded for destroyed property

4:7-14.5: Co-operative agreements with other bureaus

4:7-14.6: Penalty for violations; jail for nonpayment

4:7-15: Definitions

4:7-16: Plants infested with insects likely to spread, as nuisance

4:7-17: Ordering nuisances abated

4:7-18: Penalty for failure to obey order

4:7-19: Ordering destruction of plants

4:7-21: Inspection of nurseries; fee

4:7-22: Certificate of inspection

4:7-23: Treatment and reinspection where inspection shows infestation

4:7-24: Inspection as a prerequisite to sales, penalty

4:7-25: Attaching certificate to goods delivered or shipped

4:7-26: Misuse of certificate, penalty

4:7-29: Shipment by nurseryman under certificate of stock grown elsewhere

4:7-30: Certificate of inspection to accompany nursery stock shipped in

4:7-31: Inspection of nursery stock entering state; disposition of infested stock

4:7-32: Nursery stock shipped in unaccompanied by certificate

4:7-33: Carriers to refuse transportation, penalty

4:7-34: Inspection of fruit bearing trees or plants at request of grower

4:7-35: Right to enter premises for inspection; interference or obstruction

4:7-36: Declared a nuisance

4:7-37: Inspection of lands and premises

4:7-38: Measures to abate nuisance

4:7-39: Notice of proposed action

4:7-40: Right of entry to abate nuisance

4:7-41: Tenant to notify landlord; penalty

4:7-42: Interference with officers; penalty

4:7-43: Disposal of cornstalks, corn stubble and weeds in infested areas

4:7-44: Penalty for violations; jail for nonpayment

4:7-54: Permitting Canada thistle to ripen; penalty

4:7-55: Bringing into state hay or seeds containing Canada thistle; misdemeanor

4:7-56: Selling manure containing Canada thistle; misdemeanor