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Chapter: 5 - Declaring epidemic; quarantine; serums; other preventive measures

4:5-1: Declaring epidemic; quarantine; serums; other preventive measures

4:5-2: Diseases not specifically designated

4:5-2.1: Rules, regulations relative to certain fees for animal health programs

4:5-2.2: "Agriculture Fee Program Revolving Fund"

4:5-3: Penalty for violating orders of board

4:5-4: Notice to department by veterinarians and others of existence or appearance of disease

4:5-5: Failure to give notice; punishment

4:5-6: Quarantine of infected or exposed animals; regulations

4:5-7: Inoculation of herd exposed to disease

4:5-8: Buying or selling affected or exposed animals a misdemeanor

4:5-9: Slaughter and burial of infected animals in certain cases

4:5-10: Appraisement of and compensation for animals slaughtered

4:5-11: Disposal of dead or slaughtered animals; disposal for food a misdemeanor

4:5-12: Post-mortem examination of dead or slaughtered animals

4:5-13: Authority of department

4:5-14: Posting and publication of notice

4:5-15: Co-operation with federal bureau

4:5-16: Transportation of animals within, into or from quarantined area

4:5-17: Penalty

4:5-18: Terms defined

4:5-19: Tests at instance of department of agriculture, health department or owner

4:5-20: Expense of inspection and tests

4:5-21: Quarantine and slaughter of condemned animals

4:5-22: Time and supervision of slaughter

4:5-23: Agreements respecting valuation of condemned animals

4:5-24: Appraisement prior to testing

4:5-25: Appraisement where no agreement reached

4:5-26: Report of salvage or proceeds of slaughtered animal

4:5-27: Indemnity receivable by owner of slaughtered animal

4:5-28: Indemnity, conditions

4:5-29: Payment of indemnity

4:5-30: Priority of payment to certain owners

4:5-31: Marking affected animals

4:5-32: Issuance of certificate for healthy cattle

4:5-33: Co-operation with federal bureau

4:5-34: Obtaining information as to owners and cattle in given area

4:5-35: Co-operation by department with local organizations

4:5-36: Appropriations by municipalities and counties

4:5-37: Testing at instance of majority of owners in area, representing three-fourths of cattle

4:5-38: Testing and quarantine at instance of three-fourths of owners within area

4:5-39: Testing all cattle within area at instance of ninety per cent of owners

4:5-40: Assistance by owners in testing

4:5-41: Notice to owner of special quarantine

4:5-42: Bringing in or removing cattle from area adopting plan

4:5-43: Interference with test or mark of identification

4:5-44: Quarantine and slaughter of reactors

4:5-45: Disposal of reactors or removal of cattle from quarantine

4:5-46: Transportation of cattle classed as reactors or suspicious

4:5-47: Standard of tests; report of tests

4:5-48: Rejection of tests or alleged tests; official test

4:5-49: Marking cattle passing test or declared suspicious

4:5-50: Marking condemned cattle

4:5-51: Loss of rights by owner on failure to comply with article

4:5-52: Certification of area as modified accredited area

4:5-53: Failure to have retest; penalty

4:5-53.2: Quarantine

4:5-53.3: Disinfecting quarters of infected animals

4:5-53.4: Cattle consigned to auction markets

4:5-54: Tuberculin test as prerequisite to importation; exceptions; health certificate; quarantine

4:5-57: Standard for all tests

4:5-58: Certificate accompanying cattle imported and display thereof

4:5-59: Contents of certificate

4:5-61: Tagging or marking cattle imported

4:5-62: Notice to division of intention to import cattle

4:5-63: Notice to division of arrival and location of cattle imported

4:5-64: Where certificate is unsatisfactory

4:5-65: Inspection of imported cattle prior to removal from destination; retest

4:5-67: Importation contrary to article

4:5-69: Importation for immediate slaughter

4:5-71: Removal of cattle from stockyard or auction market

4:5-72: Carriers to require certificates

4:5-73: Recognition and employment of veterinarians

4:5-74: Rules, regulations and orders; quarantine orders preventing entrance of diseased cattle

4:5-75: Penalty for violating article or regulations

4:5-75.1: Notice to Department of disease

4:5-75.2: Concealing or transporting diseased animals

4:5-75.3: Rules and regulations

4:5-75.4: Materials exposed to disease; disinfection or disposal

4:5-75.5: Appraisal of animals to be slaughtered; indemnification of owner

4:5-75.6: Appraisal of value of materials destroyed

4:5-75.7: Appraisement where agreement cannot be reached

4:5-75.8: Reports of appraisals

4:5-75.9: Supervision of slaughtering and disinfection

4:5-75.10: Disposal of animals killed

4:5-75.11: Stockyards, cars and vessels, disinfection of; farms and privately owned premises

4:5-75.12: Indemnification of owner for slaughtered animals or destroyed materials

4:5-75.13: Funds from which payments are to be made

4:5-75.14: Compliance by owner with laws and regulations as prerequisite to payment of claims by State

4:5-75.15: Penalty for violations

4:5-93.21: Definitions

4:5-93.22: Rules and regulations

4:5-93.23: Program and agreements for control and eradication of disease

4:5-93.24: Expense of inspection and test

4:5-93.25: Certificate showing freedom from disease

4:5-93.26: Failure of owner to comply with regulations or agreement

4:5-93.27: Tests; standards

4:5-93.28: Report of tests

4:5-93.29: Marking tested or treated stock

4:5-93.30: Interference with test or treatment or mark

4:5-93.32: Agreement as to value of condemned animal; appraisement; compensation

4:5-93.33: Report of sale; false statement; salvage; charges deductible

4:5-93.34: Appraisement before test

4:5-93.35: Appraisers; appointment; duties

4:5-93.36: Slaughter of reactors

4:5-93.37: Imported animals; conditions; indemnity

4:5-93.38: Appraisement certificate; payment of indemnity

4:5-93.39: Insufficiency of funds; order of payment

4:5-93.41: Co-operation with local and federal authorities

4:5-93.42: Penalty for violation

4:5-93.43: Recovery of penalty; enforcement of imprisonment

4:5-93.44: Appropriation

4:5-93.45: Repeal

4:5-93.46: Repeal

4:5-93.47: Effective date of act

4:5-93.48: Brucellosis tests

4:5-93.49: Quarantine and slaughter of infected animals; orders; reports

4:5-93.50: Purchase or sale without order prohibited

4:5-93.51: Repealer

4:5-94: Definitions

4:5-95: Quarantine of receiving points or stations

4:5-96: Proper facilities at receiving points, stations or other premises

4:5-97: Sanitary condition at receiving points

4:5-98: Receiving points, stations or other premises subject to regulations

4:5-99: Importation of infected or exposed poultry or containers

4:5-100: Transportation of infected or exposed poultry or containers

4:5-101: Removal of exposed poultry for slaughter

4:5-102: Disinfecting poultry houses and premises

4:5-103: Disposition of dead or diseased poultry

4:5-104: Co-operation with federal agencies

4:5-105: Rules and regulations

4:5-106: Penalty for violating article

4:5-106.1: Definitions

4:5-106.2: Rules and regulations

4:5-106.3: Duties of Department of Agriculture

4:5-106.4: Licenses; exceptions

4:5-106.5: Treatment of garbage

4:5-106.6: Transfer of licenses

4:5-106.7: Application for license; fee; expiration date

4:5-106.8: Issuance of license; investigation

4:5-106.9: Notification of reasons for refusal to grant license

4:5-106.10: Impeding or preventing inspections

4:5-106.11: Frequency of inspections

4:5-106.12: Examination of records

4:5-106.13: Violations; issuance, restoration, revocation or suspension of licenses; hearings

4:5-106.14: Penalties

4:5-106.15: Jurisdiction

4:5-106.16: Imprisonment upon failure to pay judgment

4:5-106.17: Committee representing swine industry

4:5-106.18: Effective date of license

4:5-106.19: Municipal regulations

4:5-106.20: Effective date

4:5-107: Definitions

4:5-108: License for sale or distribution

4:5-109: Rules and regulations; revocation of license

4:5-110: Permission to administer disease-producing substance

4:5-111: Report of each sale and injection of tuberculin or mallein

4:5-112: Penalty