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Chapter: 24 - Legislative policy declared

4:24-1: Legislative policy declared

4:24-1.1: Prevention of damage by floodwater or sediment; conservation of water for agricultural purposes

4:24-2: Words and phrases defined

4:24-2.1: Transfer of functions, powers and duties to Department of Agriculture

4:24-3: Committee established; membership; records; seal; hearings; rules and regulations

4:24-3.1: Election of members

4:24-4: Administrative officer and employees; legal services; co-operative agreements

4:24-5: Organization; term of members; quorum; expenses; surety bonds for employees; records; audit

4:24-6: Powers and duties of committee

4:24-6.1: Review and approval, modification or rejection of decisions

4:24-17.1: Public hearings

4:24-17.2: Resolution requesting approval; procedure upon approval

4:24-17.3: New supervisors; appointment; time of taking office

4:24-17.4: Continuance of contracts, liabilities, regulations and other matters; assumption by new district

4:24-17.5: County and multi-county soil conservation districts; creation

4:24-17.6: Appropriation of funds by counties

4:24-17.7: Legal services to district by Attorney General

4:24-18: Governing body of district; supervisors; appointment

4:24-19: Supervisors; chairman; term of office; quorum; per diem

4:24-20: Officers and employees; information to state committee

4:24-20.1: Soil conservation district to maintain Internet website or webpage; contents.

4:24-21: Surety bonds for officers and employees; records; annual audit

4:24-22: District a governmental subdivision and body corporate; enumeration of powers of districts and supervisors

4:24-22.1: Site plan for leaf composting facility; annual inspection

4:24-22.2: Conditions for operation of leaf composting facility

4:24-23: Supervisors to formulate regulations; public hearings; submission to state committee; objections by landowners

4:24-24: Amendment, etc., of regulations

4:24-25: Provisions which may be included in regulations

4:24-26: Regulations to be uniform; printing of copies

4:24-27: Authority of supervisors; suit for damages by landowner for violations

4:24-28: Nonobservance of land-use regulations; action

4:24-30: Members; appointment, term, removal, etc., expenses

4:24-31: Rules by board; organization; meetings; oaths and witnesses; records

4:24-32: Petition by landowner to board for variance in land-use regulations; procedure

4:24-33: Review of order of board

4:24-34: Duty of state agencies, counties, etc., to co-operate

4:24-39: Short title

4:24-40: Legislative findings

4:24-41: Definitions.

4:24-42: Standards for control of soil erosion and sedimentation; promulgation, amendment and repeal

4:24-42.1: Adoption of standards.

4:24-43: Certification of plan by district; development of projects

4:24-44: Certification of plan; criteria; notice

4:24-45: Limitation on time for grant or denial of certification

4:24-46: Fees

4:24-47: Stop-construction order; failure to comply with certified plan

4:24-48: Exempt municipalities

4:24-49: Certificate of occupancy for project; conditions for issuance

4:24-50: County planning board as agent for district

4:24-51: Cooperation with and authorization to receive financial aid from governmental units or private sources

4:24-52: State aid

4:24-53: Violations; injunction; penalty; enforcement

4:24-54: Liberal construction

4:24-55: Severability