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Chapter: 12A -

4:12A-1: Definitions

4:12A-2: Milk Control Board; established; first members; term of office

4:12A-3: Per diem and expenses

4:12A-4: Director; deputy; counsel; clerical and other assistants

4:12A-5: Chairman and recording secretary of board; quorum; meetings; seal

4:12A-6: Principal office

4:12A-7: General powers of board and director; orders; rules and regulations

4:12A-8: Enforcement of act and rules and regulations

4:12A-9: Appeals; hearing and determination by board; stay

4:12A-10: Oaths; administering by board members; subpoenas; misconduct; false testimony

4:12A-11: Place of hearings; technical rules of evidence

4:12A-12: Review by Superior Court; bond

4:12A-13: Rules of evidence and procedure; proceedings of director

4:12A-14: Subpoenas; issuance by director

4:12A-15: Oaths; power of director to administer

4:12A-16: Refusal to obey subpoena or testify; contempt

4:12A-17: Incriminating testimony; immunity

4:12A-18: Service of subpoenas; fees and mileage

4:12A-19: Investigations; powers of director

4:12A-20: Rules, regulations and orders of director; promulgation; enforcement; service

4:12A-21: Powers of director enumerated

4:12A-22: Minimum prices; power of director to fix

4:12A-22.1: Minimum prices; limits on power of director to fix

4:12A-22.2: Prices dependent on size or type of container

4:12A-23: Notice of hearing; order fixing prices; when effective

4:12A-24: Mediation of controversies

4:12A-25: Agreements with other agencies

4:12A-26: Sales; rules and regulations

4:12A-27: Inspection of premises; books and records; right of entry

4:12A-28: Licenses; dealers; processors; subdealers; stores

4:12A-29: Milk purchased for less than minimum price; prohibition against sale and distribution

4:12A-30: Secret agreement for price reduction prohibited; exception

4:12A-31: Blending proceeds of sales

4:12A-32: Application for license; form; prerequisites

4:12A-33: Application for license, time for making; contents; display of license

4:12A-34: Refusal or suspension or revocation of license; notice of hearing

4:12A-35: Refusal or suspension or revocation of license; grounds

4:12A-36: Fees

4:12A-37: Records

4:12A-38: Reports of licensee

4:12A-39: Violations of act; penalty; seizure and sale

4:12A-40: Release of milk or proceeds of sale

4:12A-41: Jurisdiction; enforcement

4:12A-43: Informal hearings on violations; adjustments

4:12A-44: Actions to restrain violations

4:12A-45: Disposition of license fees, penalties, fines and costs

4:12A-46: Continuation of former laws; pending suits continued

4:12A-47: Licenses issued under prior laws continued

4:12A-48: Grant of specific powers not to impair general powers

4:12A-49: Declaration of legislative intent; action to restrain unlawful acts

4:12A-50: Foreign or interstate commerce

4:12A-51: Partial invalidity

4:12A-52: Expiration date

4:12A-53: "Distributor" defined

4:12A-54: Examination of records to determine cost of distributing milk

4:12A-55: Milk distributors to make records available; evidence, production of

4:12A-56: Accountants, employment of

4:12A-57: Penalty for distributor's failure to comply or interference

4:12A-58: Effective date

4:12A-63: Short title

4:12A-64: Definitions

4:12A-65: Milk container marks and identification; filing with secretary of agriculture

4:12A-66: Wholesale purchasers; exemption

4:12A-67: Offenses

4:12A-68: Evidence of offenses

4:12A-69: Penalties

4:12A-70: Habitual offenders; injunction

4:12A-71: Rules and regulations