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Chapter: 11 -

4:11-1: Definitions.

4:11-2: Inapplicability of article.

4:11-3: Necessity of license; mode of designating agents

4:11-4: Application for license; fee.

4:11-5: Issuance of license.

4:11-6: Investigation of record of applicant or licensee

4:11-7: Hearing by secretary when verified complaint filed

4:11-8: Hearing before revocation of license

4:11-9: Refusal, revocation of license.

4:11-10: Review of refusal or revocation of license

4:11-11: Keeping of records by dealer or broker

4:11-12: Posting by dealer or broker of copy of license

4:11-13: Agent's card.

4:11-13.1: Rules, regulations.

4:11-14: Violations, penalties.

4:11-15: Definitions

4:11-16: Article inapplicable to certain transactions

4:11-17: Cooperative agricultural associations; inapplicability of article; registration; exempt agent identification cards; issuance

4:11-18: Necessity of license

4:11-19: Application for license; fee

4:11-20: Bond accompanying application; securities or letter of credit in lieu of bonds; Perishable Agricultural Commodity Surety Fund.

4:11-21: Agricultural commodity agent licensure

4:11-22: Designation and licensing of agent

4:11-23: Investigation of record of applicant or licensee

4:11-24: Hearing by secretary when verified complaint filed

4:11-25: Hearing before revocation of license

4:11-26: Grounds for refusing or revoking license

4:11-27: Review of refusal or revocation of license

4:11-28: Filing with secretary of claims against licensee

4:11-28.1: Claim by grower; time of filing; contents

4:11-29: Audit of claims; demand upon surety; publication of nonpayment; necessity of filing claims; action

4:11-29.1: Request to producer to sign statement relieving dealer or surety unlawful

4:11-30: Keeping of records

4:11-31: Posting of copy of license

4:11-32: Carrying and exhibiting agent's license

4:11-33: Certification by secretary as to license

4:11-33.1: Rules and regulations

4:11-34: Penalty for violations; jail for nonpayment

4:11-34.1: Termination of unlicensed operations

4:11-35: Definitions

4:11-36: Purchase by weight required

4:11-37: Weight tickets

4:11-43: Subpenas; issuance; failure to obey

4:11-44: Enforcement; rules and regulations

4:11-45: Weight tickets for crates being transported; tags on crates; removal of poultry in transit

4:11-46: Article inapplicable to certain associations, storekeepers, restaurants, etc.

4:11-47: Fines; jurisdiction; process; arrest

4:11-49: Partial invalidity