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Chapter: 27 -

4:27-1: Short title.

4:27-2: Findings, declarations relative to aquaculture.

4:27-3: Definitions relative to aquaculture.

4:27-4: Office of Aquaculture Coordination.

4:27-5: Aquaculture Advisory Council.

4:27-6: Aquaculture considered component of agriculture.

4:27-7: Interagency memoranda of agreement concerning implementation of Aquaculture Development Plan.

4:27-8: Policies for use of aquaculture leases.

4:27-9: Interagency memorandum of agreement to expand current leasing programs.

4:27-10: Review of laws, rules, regulations pertinent to aquaculture.

4:27-10.1: Joint application process for certain aquaculture projects.

4:27-10.2: Aquaculture permitting review program.

4:27-10.3: Rules, regulations.

4:27-11: Review of laws, rules, regulations pertinent to predation problems.

4:27-12: Aquaculture sites not designated freshwater wetland, conditions.

4:27-13: Aquaculture sites not designated coastal wetland, conditions.

4:27-14: Agriculture programs applicable to aquaculture.

4:27-15: Aquaculture statistics, reporting assistance programs.

4:27-16: Management practices for control of soil erosion, sedimentation.

4:27-17: Licensure of possession, ownership of aquacultural organisms.

4:27-18: Aquatic health management plan.

4:27-19: Comprehensive animal waste management program.

4:27-20: Aquaculture component for model planning and zoning ordinances.

4:27-21: Review of worker's compensation package coverages.

4:27-22: Development, implementation of information campaign.

4:27-23: Development of mechanisms for providing tax credits, reduced loan payments.

4:27-24: Review of product liability insurance.

4:27-25: Construction of act.