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Chapter: 13 -

4:13-1: Definitions

4:13-2: Incorporation

4:13-2.1: Annual fee; exemption from corporation business tax act and uniform security act

4:13-3: Purposes of incorporation

4:13-4: Certificate of incorporation

4:13-5: Use by similar organizations of term "co-operative"

4:13-6: Filing of certificate; fee

4:13-7: Association as body corporate

4:13-8: Amending certificate

4:13-9: Certificate as evidence

4:13-10: Merger or consolidation of associations

4:13-10.1: Federated co-operative associations; membership

4:13-11: Dissolution of associations

4:13-12: General corporation laws to govern

4:13-13: Right of existing associations to come within chapter

4:13-14: Associations incorporated under 1920 law subject to chapter

4:13-15: Authorizing foreign corporations to transact business

4:13-16: General powers of association

4:13-17: First meeting

4:13-18: Election of directors; by-laws; adoption; contents

4:13-19: Board of directors

4:13-20: Officers

4:13-21: Eligibility to membership

4:13-22: Expulsion of members; removal of director or officer

4:13-23: Issuance of certificates

4:13-24: Voting

4:13-24.1: Proportionate voting rights; exception

4:13-24.2: Election of delegates; method of voting

4:13-25: Liability of member for debts of association

4:13-26: Marketing contracts and agencies

4:13-26.1: Deductions from contracts by members with buyers, handlers or processors payable to association; liability for failure to deduct

4:13-27: Requiring members to deal through association; withdrawal

4:13-28: Liquidated damages for failure of member to perform

4:13-29: Validity of contracts with members; breach of contract; injunction

4:13-30: Dealings with nonmembers

4:13-31: Reserve funds; fees and charges; patron's revolving funds; certificates

4:13-32: Dividing yearly balance of associations without capital stock

4:13-33: Dividends and division of balance of associations with capital stock

4:13-34: Annual audit and report; disclosure forbidden

4:13-34.1: Filing of annual report; contents

4:13-35: List of associations not filing report of audit

4:13-36: Notice to associations

4:13-37: Proclamation of dissolution; publication

4:13-38: Dissolution upon issuance of proclamation

4:13-39: Copies of proclamation; mailing; filing

4:13-40: Reservation of names of dissolved associations

4:13-41: Certificate of compliance; effect; fees

4:13-42: Publication of notice of compliance

4:13-43: Definitions

4:13-44: Public policy

4:13-45: Unfair practices

4:13-46: Violations; complaints; hearings

4:13-47: Injunctions

4:13-48: Penalties

4:13-49: Penalty enforcement proceedings; process; summary proceedings; jail sentence

4:13-50: Compliance not deemed conspiracy or combination in restraint of trade, etc.; dissemination of information; marketing adjustments