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Chapter: 8 -

4:8-17.13: Definitions

4:8-17.14: Seed treated with harmful substance; label or tag

4:8-17.15: Seed container labels

4:8-17.16: Unlawful sale or transportation

4:8-17.17: Other unlawful acts

4:8-17.17a: Wholesale seedsmen or seed conditioner; registration

4:8-17.18: Records and samples

4:8-17.19: Applicability of sections 4:8-17.15 to 4:8-17.17

4:8-17.19a: Inapplicability of act to seeds sold directly by grower

4:8-17.20: Precautions to insure correct identity

4:8-17.21: State seed analyst; agents

4:8-17.22: Enforcement of act; sample, inspection and analysis of seeds

4:8-17.23: Rules and regulations; formulation

4:8-17.24: Subject matter of rules and regulations

4:8-17.25: Examination and analysis of samples for public

4:8-17.26: Right of entry by state seed analyst; "stop sale" orders; testing facilities; purity and germination tests

4:8-17.27: Seizure of seeds; condemnation; disposition

4:8-17.28: Injunction against violations

4:8-17.29: Violations; penalties; prosecutions; hearings; injunctions

4:8-17.30: Funds

4:8-17.31: Repeal

4:8-17.32: Short title

4:8-28: Definitions

4:8-29: Seller liability

4:8-30: Civil action for violation