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Chapter: 12 -

4:12-1: Definitions

4:12-1.1: Applicability of act

4:12-2: Licensing of dealers who buy for shipment, sale, resale or manufacture

4:12-3: Application for license

4:12-4: Bond or deposit for protection of creditors.

4:12-5: Issuance of license

4:12-6: Posting copy of license

4:12-7: Filing of claims by creditors upon default by licensee

4:12-8: Proceedings by secretary to determine amount due each creditor

4:12-9: Claims to which bonds, moneys or securities applicable

4:12-11: Investigation of adequacy of, and requirement of additional, bond or deposit; payments in lieu thereof

4:12-12: Record of purchases and periodical statement thereof to vendor

4:12-13: Posting schedule of prices

4:12-14: Investigation of record of applicant or licensee

4:12-15: Hearing by secretary on complaint after notice

4:12-16: Application for investigation by either party to transaction

4:12-17: Grounds for refusal or revocation of license

4:12-18: Review by court of refusal or revocation of license

4:12-19: Penalty for conducting business without license

4:12-19.1: Request for statement relieving dealer, indemnitor or surety of responsibility forbidden

4:12-41.1: Definitions

4:12-41.2: Testing equipment; methods; approval

4:12-41.3: Permit to buy on butter fat basis

4:12-41.4: License to make butter fat test

4:12-41.5: Persons taking sample, approval of; record; duplicate statements and records

4:12-41.6: Inspection sample, taking and retaining; inspection of sample

4:12-41.7: Permission to use fresh samples as basis of payment; taking and testing fresh samples; preservation

4:12-41.8: Place of butter fat tests

4:12-41.9: Type of weigh tank or container; manner of agitating

4:12-41.10: Treatment of sample forbidden

4:12-41.11: Underreading, overreading or manipulating test; falsifying records

4:12-41.12: Underreading, overreading or manipulating weighing or measuring device; falsifying records

4:12-41.13: Correct weights, measures and tests required; revocation of licenses for tampering

4:12-41.14: Entering premises for inspection; examination of books and records

4:12-41.15: Rules and regulations

4:12-41.16: Duplicate statement requirements and provisions of section 4:12-41.9 suspended during world war

4:12-41.17: Hindering or molesting director or representatives prohibited

4:12-41.18: Revocation or suspension of licenses

4:12-41.19: Violations of act

4:12-41.20: Procedure to recover penalty; actions; jurisdiction

4:12-41.21: Partial invalidity

4:12-41.22: Fiscal period for permits and licenses

4:12-41.23: Repeal

4:12-41.24: Effective date

4:12-41.25: Powers and duties of director of New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station transferred to Department of Agriculture

4:12-41.26: Effective date

4:12-42: Deductions by milk dealers and milk companies authorized; statement; retention of bookkeeping costs

4:12-43: Failure to make deductions or forward sum deducted

4:12-44: Penalty for violation of article