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Chapter: 3 - Annual educational program and exhibits

4:3-1: Annual educational program and exhibits

4:3-2: Rules; problems near populous areas

4:3-11.10: Applicability

4:3-11.11: Definitions

4:3-11.12: Establishment of standards, grades and size-weight classes; rules and regulations

4:3-11.13: Marking containers; signs and devices; term "fresh eggs" ; fraudulent or misleading representations; letters and numerals

4:3-11.14: Delivery of invoice to retailer or institutional consumer; contents; filing

4:3-11.15: Temperature and humidity for keeping eggs; clean packaging; sanitary regulations; applicability of other laws

4:3-11.16: Stop sale orders

4:3-11.17: Confiscation of eggs

4:3-11.18: Complaint; warrant

4:3-11.19: Confiscation and disposal in event of violation; disposition of proceeds of sale

4:3-11.20: Delivery of eggs to owner for sale or distribution in compliance with law

4:3-11.21: Inspection and examination of eggs, equipment, facilities or records

4:3-11.22: Rules and regulations

4:3-11.23: Violations, penalties; enforcement

4:3-11.23a: Violations; hearing; penalty

4:3-11.24: Injunctive relief

4:3-11.25: Other remedies

4:3-11.26: Repeal

4:3-11.27: Cooperation by secretary with other agencies or associations

4:3-11.28: Severability

4:3-12: Permit for sale of baby chicks

4:3-13: Application for permit; contents; fee; discretion in granting or denying permit

4:3-14: Labeling of crates, coops, etc.

4:3-15: Statement to Secretary of Agriculture by person who conducted sale

4:3-16: Definitions

4:3-17: Violation of act or regulations as misdemeanor

4:3-18: Penalties; recovery; jurisdiction

4:3-19: Regulations