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Chapter: 16 - Station continued

4:16-1: Station continued

4:16-6: Duties of board

4:16-7: Acceptance of conveyances

4:16-8: Annual appropriations for station and its activities

4:16-9: Analysis of milk, butter or other farm products

4:16-10: Investigation of oyster propagation

4:16-11: Investigation of biology of sewage disposal

4:16-12: "Poultry" defined

4:16-13: Maintenance of department; employment of assistants

4:16-14: Acquisition of buildings, equipment and supplies

4:16-15: Investigations in poultry breeding and care

4:16-16: Publication of results of investigations

4:16-17: Egg-laying and breed-testing stations; employment of assistants

4:16-18: Investigations and instruction in poultry diseases

4:16-19: Supervision of work; poultry pathologist and laboratory assistant

4:16-20: Meetings of poultry raisers

4:16-21: Instruction in poultry raising; poultry exhibitions

4:16-21.1: Turkey breeding and feeding research farm

4:16-21.2: Co-operation of board of chosen freeholders

4:16-21.3: Studies of communicable diseases of domestic fowls authorized

4:16-21.4: Poultry pathology laboratory; Monmouth and Ocean counties; establishment

4:16-21.5: Vineland laboratory; expansion and improvement

4:16-21.6: Appropriation

4:16-22: Definition; construction of article

4:16-23: County agricultural agents

4:16-24: Continuous course of demonstrations in counties

4:16-25: Selection of farms for demonstration

4:16-26: Performance of demonstration work

4:16-27: County appropriations

4:16-28: State appropriation

4:16-29: Use of state or county appropriations

4:16-30: Co-operation with federal department

4:16-31: Demonstration farms on state institutional lands

4:16-31.1: Victory garden program; organizing and guiding

4:16-31.2: Canning, drying, freezing, brining of foods; encouraging and promoting

4:16-31.3: Enlisting participation and cooperation of state and federal agencies and departments