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Chapter: 9 -

4:9-15.1: Short title

4:9-15.2: Administration of act

4:9-15.3: Definitions.

4:9-15.4: Adoption of definitions by regulations

4:9-15.5: Necessity of license

4:9-15.6: License fee

4:9-15.7: Application; issuance; expiration

4:9-15.8: Specialty fertilizers; furnishing of label on application for license

4:9-15.8a: Requirements for specialty fertilizer; definitions.

4:9-15.9: Soil conditioners; furnishing of label on application for license

4:9-15.10: Commercial fertilizer label to set forth certain information

4:9-15.11: Bulk distribution of fertilizer; statement of information

4:9-15.12: Customer formulated mix; label requirements

4:9-15.13: Labeling of specialty fertilizer.

4:9-15.13a: Prohibited sales of fertilizer; definitions.

4:9-15.14: Labeling of soil conditioner

4:9-15.15: Bulk soil conditioners; statement of information

4:9-15.16: Inspection fee

4:9-15.17: Tonnage reports

4:9-15.18: Comprehensive system of reporting; regulations

4:9-15.19: Failure to file tonnage report or pay inspection fee; assessment

4:9-15.20: Sales to intermediate distributors; filing of report and payment of fee

4:9-15.21: Sampling and analysis by Department of Agriculture

4:9-15.22: Method of analysis and sampling

4:9-15.23: Determination of violations

4:9-15.24: Deficiency; forwarding analysis report to licensee

4:9-15.25: Deficiency in primary plant nutrients; penalties

4:9-15.26: Determination and publication of value of primary plant nutrients

4:9-15.27: Payment of penalties

4:9-15.28: Judicial relief

4:9-15.29: Deficiency; penalty prescribed by regulation

4:9-15.30: Misbranding

4:9-15.31: Adulterated products; prohibition against distribution

4:9-15.32: Publication of information concerning distribution of fertilizers and soil conditioners and results of analyses

4:9-15.33: Rules and regulations

4:9-15.33a: Fertilizer regulation

4:9-15.33b: Cooperation encouraged

4:9-15.34: Revocation, suspension or refusal of license

4:9-15.35: Stop sale, use, or removal order

4:9-15.36: Seizure and disposal of deficient products

4:9-15.37: Injunction

4:9-15.38: Violations; penalties

4:9-15.39: Hearings

4:9-15.40: Minor violations; warnings

4:9-15.41: Exempt transactions

4:9-15.42: Severability

4:9-15.43: Record of sales of restricted commercial fertilizer.

4:9-15.44: Report of suspect purchase, theft, loss by distributors.

4:9-15.45: Immunity for refusal to sell, report of suspect purchases, certain circumstances.

4:9-21.1: Short title

4:9-21.2: Definitions

4:9-21.3: Information affixed to each package of agricultural liming materials

4:9-21.4: Requirements for sale of agricultural liming material

4:9-21.6: License required; expiration

4:9-21.7: Annual license fee

4:9-21.8: Statement submitted by licensee

4:9-21.9: Empowerment of State board, authorized agent

4:9-21.10: Violations; penalties

4:9-21.11: Rules and regulations

4:9-21.12: Issuance of stop sale, use, removal order

4:9-22: Definitions

4:9-23: Information on label of inoculants sold

4:9-24: Annual statement filed with director

4:9-25: Taking and analysis of samples; publication of results

4:9-26: Rules regarding analyses and sales

4:9-27: Free examination of samples

4:9-28: Penalty for violations or interference

4:9-29: Unmanufactured manure; sale or delivery unadulterated

4:9-30: When unmanufactured manure deemed adulterated

4:9-31: Sale or delivery of adulterated manure prohibited

4:9-32: Representation on sale or delivery

4:9-33: Sale by weight; adulteration of manure unlawful

4:9-34: Importation of adulterated manure prohibited

4:9-35: Misdemeanor; penalties

4:9-36: Enforcement of law by Department of Weights and Measures; disposition of fines and penalties

4:9-37: Severability of provisions; partial invalidity

4:9-38: Composting, handling, etc. of animal wastes.