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Chapter: 6 -

4:6-1: Definitions

4:6-2: Study of outbreaks

4:6-3: Infested colonies or apparatus as nuisance

4:6-4: Investigation of apiaries

4:6-5: Inspection of apiaries raising queen bees for sale

4:6-6: Certification of apiaries raising queen bees for sale

4:6-7: Notice to owner of diseased apiary

4:6-8: Contents of notice and order for treatment

4:6-9: Quarantine provision included in notice and order

4:6-10: Type of hives required; seizure of other types as nuisances

4:6-11: Compliance with orders; powers in case of noncompliance

4:6-12: Keeping of infested bees; penalty

4:6-13: Sale or removal of infested bees or materials; penalty

4:6-14: Shipments of queen bees without certificate attached; penalty

4:6-15: Requirements respecting importation of bees or used supplies; penalty

4:6-16: Information as to number and location of colonies; penalty

4:6-17: Penalty enforcement; hearing

4:6-18: Right of entry to inspect; interference with officers

4:6-19: Abandoned apiaries; written notice; steps to protect neighboring apiaries

4:6-20: Rules and regulations

4:6-21: Rules, regulations relative to preservation of honey bee colonies.

4:6-22: Violations; penalties, use.

4:6-23: Penalty for destruction of man-made native bee hive; definitions.

4:6-24: Regulation of breeding, keeping of honey bees.