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Chapter: 1C -

4:1C-1: Short title

4:1C-2: Legislative findings

4:1C-3: Definitions.

4:1C-3.1: Certain beekeeping operations protected by "Right to Farm Act."

4:1C-4: State agriculture development committee; establishment; membership; terms; vacancies; compensation; meetings; minutes; staff

4:1C-5: Powers of committee

4:1C-6: Duties of committee

4:1C-7: Additional duties of committee

4:1C-8: Use of appropriations

4:1C-9: Commercial farm owners, operators; permissible activities.

4:1C-9.1: Rules, regulations adopted by State Agriculture Development Committee

4:1C-9.2: Committee to develop rules, regulations; BPU to provide technical assistance.

4:1C-9.3: Rules, regulations.

4:1C-10: Commercial agricultural operation not a nuisance, compliance with practices.

4:1C-10.1: Filing of complaint; process.

4:1C-10.2: Appeal of decision.

4:1C-10.3: New rule adoption process.

4:1C-10.4: Rules, regulations, standards.

4:1C-11: Short title

4:1C-12: Legislative findings and declarations

4:1C-13: Definitions

4:1C-14: County boards

4:1C-15: Duties

4:1C-16: Powers

4:1C-17: Subregional agricultural retention board; membership; dissolution

4:1C-18: Agricultural development area; recommendation and approval

4:1C-19: Land acquisition or construction in agriculture development area; notice of intent; review; hearing

4:1C-20: Petition for farmland preservation program; approval; agreement between board and landowner

4:1C-21: Municipally approved program

4:1C-22: Documentation of municipally approved program

4:1C-23: Zoning of land in program

4:1C-24: Development easement, soil, water conservation project; application by landowners in farmland preservation program

4:1C-25: Public body may not exercise right of eminent domain; begin construction

4:1C-26: Filing of complaint against agricultural operation

4:1C-27: Agricultural activities exempt from emergency restrictions

4:1C-28: Acceptable construction standard for farm structure

4:1C-29: Length of program; termination; inclusion of additional landowners

4:1C-30: Withdrawal of land; taxation

4:1C-31: Development easement purchases.

4:1C-31.1: Fee simple absolute purchases.

4:1C-31.2: Rules, regulations

4:1C-32: Conveyance of easement following purchase; conditions, restrictions; payment

4:1C-32.1: Special permit to allow a commercial nonagricultural activity on certain land; conditions; definitions.

4:1C-32.2: Special permit to allow a personal wireless service facility on certain land; conditions; definitions.

4:1C-32.3: Special permit, application fee, grounds for suspension, revocation.

4:1C-32.4: Certain generation facilities, structures, equipment permitted on preserved farmland.

4:1C-32.5: Approval required.

4:1C-32.6: Report to Governor, Legislature, committees.

4:1C-32.7: Definitions relative to special occasion events conducted at certain wineries.

4:1C-32.8: Pilot program permitting special occasion events.

4:1C-32.9: Audit to determine compliance; certification of annual gross income.

4:1C-32.10: Violations, penalties.

4:1C-32.11: Rules, regulations.

4:1C-32.12: Certain provisions remain effective.

4:1C-32.13: Reports relative to pilot program.

4:1C-32.14: Inapplicability of pilot program.

4:1C-33: Enforcement of conditions or restrictions

4:1C-34: Persons acquiring developmental easement; sale to board

4:1C-35: Appraisal of value of donation

4:1C-36: Pinelands area, Highlands Region, farmland preservation.

4:1C-37: Joint legislative oversight committee; duties

4:1C-37.1: Acquisition of property for farmland preservation purposes.

4:1C-38: Acquisition of land in name of State

4:1C-39: Sale of fee simple absolute interest in land; notice

4:1C-40: Certificate acknowledging landowner compliance

4:1C-41: Priority

4:1C-42: Acquired land held in name of State; sale, conditions

4:1C-43: Appropriation

4:1C-43.1: Farmland preservation planning incentive grant program.

4:1C-44: Findings, declaration

4:1C-45: Inventory of land suitable for agricultural production

4:1C-46: Priority

4:1C-47: Rules, regulations

4:1C-48: Competitive bid; covenant

4:1C-49: Short title

4:1C-50: Definitions.

4:1C-51: State Transfer of Development Rights Bank established

4:1C-52: Powers of board.

4:1C-53: Establishment, maintenance of Development Potential Transfer Registry

4:1C-54: Sale, exchange, conveyance of development potential

4:1C-55: Report to Governor, Legislature